Language and Communication Studies

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers language and communication studies that provide the students with the plurilingual and multilingual competencies needed in today’s working life. The curricula of the degree programmes at Metropolia include English, Swedish and/or Finnish language studies.

In addition, the students can improve the language and communication skills needed in their field of expertise by studying elective languages such as Chinese, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

Finnish Language Studies

Exchange students studying at Metropolia can familiarise themselves with Finnish language and culture on the course Finnish for Exchange Students (3-5 ECTS).

Finnish courses are included in the curricula of the degree programmes taught in English. Some degree programmes require sufficient Finnish skills before students can enter the programme and the skills of the students are tested in the entrance exam.

Good knowledge of Finnish is a requirement for studying in the degree programmes taught in Finnish. Students whose first language is not Finnish participate in Finnish language courses together with native Finnish speaking students. In addition, an advanced course, Finnish as a Second Language: Finnish at Work (3 ECTS), is included in the degree as a common core requirement at Metropolia.

See also Finnish language courses offered by other educators in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Check also EasyFinnish by YLE, which is an elementary online Finnish course by YLE national broadcasting company.

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