Health Business Management,
Master of Engineering

Degree: Master of Engineering

Duration:  1,5 years

Extent: 60 ECTS

Free of charge:Applicants from EU/EEA

Annual tuition fee: 12 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants
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Study places: 5

Next application period: 9 - 23 January 2019

Transfer application: 1 - 15 May
1 - 15 November
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Master's Programme in Health Business Management is a joint programme customized for social and health care professionals as well as for business and engineering professionals who want to expand their expertise through improved management skills in this very key sector. Eligibility requirements include an appropriate Bachelor's degree and work experience.

Health Business Management in a nutshell

Business managerial competences will be required in social and health care organizations nationally and internationally in the future. Ageing of population in many societies will challenge health care systems and processes to produce health care services in more efficient ways.

Digitalization of customer relationship management and services is a major change and driver for new services and processes. Health business is a major global business opportunity driving future growth and national prosperity.

The emphasize of the programme is in customer and in service business orientation and it has a multidisciplinary approach into business management. The programme provides a wide perspective to service business, competencies for team and project leadership and advancement in management skills. All studies are linked to health or social care organizations.

The HBM Master’s students will be offered an environment to practice and enhance their international and communication skills in a very multicultural group of peers, staff and faculty. Lectures, seminars, workshops as well as learning materials and outputs are all in English.


The Master's Degree Programme in Health Business Management consists of advanced professional studies (25 ECTS), elective studies (5 ECTS) and Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS).
Students will gain a deep understanding of best practices for the health and social business concerning:

  • Health Business Economics and Business Models
  • Strategy, Management and Leadership
  • Service Innovations and Design
  • Quality and Safety Management

See curriculum from here.

Sufficient RDI competence is provided at an early stage of the studies, as it is needed in planning and implementing a thesis development project in a real life business context, typically as an assignment from his or her own employer organization. The Master’s Thesis process is a fundamental part of the program and it starts early enough so that measurable changes or improvements can be identified.

Contact sessions are arranged in 3-6 days per month. When studying on a part-time basis, this degree can be obtained in 1 or 1,5 years.. Studies takes time and organizational skill is needed.

Master's Degree in Health Business Management qualifies for team and project leadership in health care services business and advancement towards management positions in private or public sector.


Applications shall be submitted online through a national system of joint application at /

General Application Instructions

Graduates' and Students' Stories

Marina Rutgayzer

Marina Rutgayzer.

"My educational background is in economics and business, however I have been working for over 5 years in healthcare area. I have always felt that it would be great to have more educational background for my work. Unfortunately there seemed not to be a higher education program that would combine both business and healthcare - until I found the HBM Program in Metropolia.

When I saw the description of the program, I realized right away that this was perfect for me: I can get the educational background that I have been missing, develop new skills and get more theoretical backbone for my work, which I can continue full-time while studying. It was also great to get the support from the work place that allowed some flexibility to attend lectures.

The first semester was not easy and that was what I expected! The subjects were new, assignments - challenging, schedule - very tight – and that is how it should be on an MBA program. During the first semester I have learned already quite a lot, developed new skills and improved in certain areas. And I have had a chance to apply my skills in practice at my daily work already. The teachers are always ready to help, support and answer our questions – that is a rare thing in some other universities.

One of the best sides of the program is that it is project based. During the courses we do different kinds of projects instead of exams, which brings us the real value for the work life. I am excited to see what is coming in the next 1,5 year of studies, but already now I can admit that it was the right choice to apply in this program. Healthcare business is a fast growing area and I would recommend this program to anyone who is working in that field."

Jenni Keinänen

Jenni Keinänen.

" I have worked as a nurse for 10 years and I felt that now would be the perfect time to move on with my working career. I have a long experience in practical nursing and I feel that for that reason I could be a good manager or project leader one day. I strongly feel that I need to educate myself more to be able to reach my goals. I am a very practical person and I felt that Metropolia’s HBM-program is very down to earth and implemented to the real working life. I also wanted to develop my English language skills because health business is coming to be more international. This education might open more working options not only in Finland but also internationally.

The most challenging thing for me has been finding the way to balance work, studies and spare time. In the beginning I really struggled and almost did not have any spare time at all because of my bad planning but I got better as time went on. The assignments are so interesting that one could spend a lifetime doing the them but setting boundaries is very important too to get good results. I have learned that I also need to rest in order to be innovative and creative.

Most motivating is to notice your own development. The assignments are mostly very practical and I feel that this is the most effective way of learning. I feel that reading a book and doing an exam is a bit old fashioned and it does not suit me. Though it is hard to do written assignments but you really learn when you are using your own experience, literature concerning the issue, reflecting the tasks and getting feedback from the teachers.

I know this sounds a bit cliché but the study group with people from all around the world is just great and people with different backgrounds give you so many fresh ideas. The studying is fun and we have a very active group of people to study with."

Heidi Paananen

Heidi Paananen.

"My name is Heidi Paananen and I study in the Master’s Program in Health Business Management. I have worked over 10 years in sales in the health care sector. I want to gain more competence for my daily work and more skills to improve my performance. Business studies fit perfectly to my current work and I wish that a Master’s degree will give me more opportunities in the future.
It is possible to study in this degree program while having a day job which is really good for me. The first semester was pretty hard; however after I found the study rhythm all went well. I really like that we have a lot of group tasks, where I can improve my team work skills and ability to hold a tight schedule. Both skills are important in the current working life.
Metropolia also provides different projects to work with. I have already taken part into Service Design and Innovation -project with students from other study programs; I was the project manager. That was a new experience for me."

Natalia Pakharukova

Natalia Pakharukova.

"I have chosen to study at HBM Master's program to acquire key knowledge of business that would be related to my previous education (biochemistry). HBM program significantly expanded my professional competences by redirecting me from pure research towards a more industry-oriented specialist and helped me to look at my own work from a business prospective. Visits to different health care organizations enabled me to see various opportunities for my career.

Expertise of teachers and other students have made my learning process very exciting. I think that HBM Master's program is a good choice for healthcare specialists who want to expand their professional skills and managerial competences".

Kristina Leppälä

Kristina Leppälä.

"After a long history of working both in the clinical environment and in medical device industry R&D, I felt I needed new challenges and insights. The Master's program in Healthcare Business Management was perfect for me. Studying was a very enjoyable experience, as the environment was very supportive and diverse. It was also gratifying to study in my native language. My time at Metropolia will be remembered as a very positive experience with many personal, academic, and professional gains. The program was very motivating, and provided me with multi-level tools to further my career and competences".



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Jukka Kesänen
Head of Degree Programme
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Marianne Pitkäjärvi
Tutor teacher
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Anna-Maria Tiainen
Study Advisor
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Health Business Management is a joint programme customized for social and health care professionals as well as for business and engineering professionals. Read more on

Health Business Management for business professionals

Health Business Management for health care professionals

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Annual tuition fee for Master's Degree in Health Business Management is 12 000 €. The fee concerns only non-EU/EEA degree students. Read more about tuition fees and scholarships

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