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Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Duration: 4 years

Extent: 210 ECTS

Study places: 60

Free of charge:Applicants from EU/EEA

Annual tuition fee: 10 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants
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Next application period: 8 - 22 January 2020

Transfer application: 1 - 15 May
1 - 15 November
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Why study with us?

European Business Administration (EBA) is a unique double-degree programme that Metropolia UAS offers in cooperation with its European partner universities. You will study a full academic year at one of our partner universities and, upon successful completion of the requirements of both institutions, you will be awarded with two Bachelor degrees: one from Metropolia UAS and the other from the partner institution. A clear competitive edge in the job market!


The EBA degree programme aims to give the student the practical tools and general knowledge required in business life. At the end of the final year of studies, you will graduate matured, confident and effective team player with good hands-on business know-how and practical skills, a true asset for international companies in Finland and abroad. This degree programme puts strong emphasis on self-development, communication, language skills as well as ICT skills so that you can perform effectively in the intercultural global world.



The work load for this degree programme is 240 ECTS because of a full academic year at a partner university, leading to a double degree. As usual, a work placement of 30 ECTS and a bachelor's thesis of 15 ECTS are included.

The first two years of your studies are organized at the Business School, on the Myyrmäki campus of Metropolia UAS. You will gain a solid overview of general business fields such as economics, marketing, accounting, management and organisations as well as business law, much in the framework of the European Union. Various functions of a company become familiar to you. An innovation project, common for all bachelor degree programmes at Metropolia UAS, is completed in the second year. An application process for the third-year studies at a partner institution takes place halfway the second year.

Depending on the double-degree partner institution, the third study year varies in its set-up. In all cases, the level of studies matches with ours. At a partner university, you can explore your options in depth: finance, marketing, ICT or management. The double degree partners for the EBA degree programme are:

  • Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany)
  • Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (Germany)
  • Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • University of Hertfordshire (UK)
  • University of Wolverhampton (UK)
  • Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
  • ESC La Rochelle (France)
  • ESC Rennes (France)
  • HFT Stuttgart (Germany) will join us next

Please note that there is a quota agreed with each partner institution.

A work placement takes place in the fourth year, preferably abroad to enrich your international profile. The placement gives you a chance to practice what you have learned and find the field you wish to specialize in. To complete your studies at Metropolia UAS you will do research on a topic or a field of particular interest to you and write your bachelor’s thesis on it.

You will graduate as a confident, effective team player with extensive international business know-how and with hands-on skills that are needed and valued by international companies in Finland and abroad. Join our multinational community of students, faculty and staff!

Scholarships and tuition fees

The annual tuition fee for the Bachelor's Degree in European Business Administration is €10 000. This fee applies only to non-EU/EEA degree students.

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Students' stories

Iiris Lehtinen.

Iiris Lehtinen
Operations Coordination
Signmark Productions

"My time at Metropolia Business School (MBS) built my basic skills for working in business and the year I spent at the University of Lincoln amped my knowledge in marketing and PR to such level that I wasn’t t afraid to enter working life. However, possibly the best thing to come out of the whole experience are my amazing friends whom I met at MBS.

After graduation, I was recruited to work as a PA for sign-languaged rap-artist Signmark and I’m still on the same path. Today I mainly work managing the daily life of our sign-language interpreter business and less with the music business. I also went on with my studies and will soon have my master’s degree.

For anyone considering applying to Metropolia Business School, I’d tell to go for it. It’s a great first step for any business career and there’s a good chance you’ll make a few friends along the way."

Mika Majuri

Mika Majuri
Dealer Finance
FCA Capital Danmark A/S

"I joined the EBA double degree program in Metropolia Business School because I wanted a solid understanding of international business administration taught by international teachers in English. I feel that the two degrees gave me a good stepping stone to the work market together with my work experience, which every student can boost during their internships.

The best aspect of the programme for me personally was the year abroad where I majored in Accountancy and Finance and made international contacts that still remain today. I would recommend the programme for anyone who is interested in business in general because today I can see my fellow students in a variety of different industries and positions, such as marketing, tourism, sales, finance, promotions, entrepreneurship, etc.

For me personally the degree also opened the door to a highly ranked Master’s degree in business, which in turn took me around the globe and gave me access to additional opportunities and experiences. Looking back at the programme and post-graduation opportunities and paths, one can see that there are more than a few options, which gives a great freedom of choice."

Vivian Maar
Co-Founder & CEO

"I chose Metropolia Business School for its innovative double degree programme and the opportunity to study fully in English. It was the double degree that convinced me. The more challenges, the merrier! I remember visiting the school during the entrance exam and the Business School team gave me a great vibe. The team is definitely one of the best assets along with the others mentioned here.

How did the EBA double degree benefit me in my career?
It definitely challenged me, so this is the best that any degree programme can do. It pushed me to go out of my comfort zone – due to that I am not afraid of the challenges that I face in my work life. It gave me the necessary skills to thrive across different cultures – the full academic year abroad and internship were there to lay a great foundation to these skills. The degree was also very practical, we were constantly working on solving real life business challenges and cases.

What was the best aspect of the degree for me personally?
Definitely one of the best aspects was the fact that I went abroad, twice. Once for the academic study year to Krems, Austria and second for my internship to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These moments definitely changed me and helped to form myself into a person that I am today. I highlight also the year in the partner university – at IMC Krems, which was fantastic and was more geared towards export – oriented management and international relations. So overall, together with Metropolia it was a fantastic combination that helped me to build a more holistic picture of the global (business) environment.

Why would I recommend the programme?
I would recommend the programme for anyone who wants to build an international career in business – the programme is definitely set to help you do so. All together, the passionate and professional staff team, full study year and internship abroad are a perfect combination.

What are my future career plans?
Currently I am working on my first company, it is 6 months old. After expanding it and developing it into a well-functioning service business, together with my business partner and team, I most likely will start building the next one!"

 *We reserve the right to make changes to the curricula, partner network and schedules.*

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Open Study Path gives you an opportunity to start your business studies in August and continue as a degree student after successfully completing your first year (60 ECTS)!

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