• 3.2.2021
    Klo 13.00-17.00

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Tapahtuman aihetunniste
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Metropolian innovaatiokeskittymät toteuttivat historian ensimmäisen TEDxMetropoliaUniversity -tapahtuman keskiviikkona 3.2.2021, klo 13-17. Kattoteemana puheenvuoroille on Elinikäinen oppiminen - yhdessä olemme enemmän. 

Katso puheenvuorojen taltioinnit TEDxMetropoliaUniversity-soittolistalta Metropolian Youtube-kanavalta.

Mikä on TEDx?

  • Itsenäisesti järjestetty TED-tapahtuma 
  • Foorumi yhteisöllemme ideoiden jakamiseen ja oppimiseen 
  • Striimataan Metropolian Youtubeen suorana lähetyksenä


13:00-13:05 Tervetuloa!


  • 13:05 Salla Sipari: Haluatko olla kohde vai kumppani tieteellisessä tutkimuksessa?
  • 13:25 Anna-Stina Tähkävuori: Mikä on naisen paikka työmaalla?


Urbaanit ympäristöt ja design 

  • 13:40 Päivi Keränen: Extending the urban planning realities
  • 14:00 Minna Hellström: We need homes that make us feel smarter
  • 14:20 Oscar Nissin: Mobility of crisis

Oppiminen, koulutus ja innovaatiot

  • 14:40 Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid: Lifelong Learning in Finland, what does it mean? –  An expat's view
  • 15:00 Tarnjit Saini: Experiences of an inexperienced entrepreneur
  • 15:20 Ben Gran: Bursting the bubble – let nurses innovate

Työelämän kehittäminen

  • 15:40 Jukka Karppinen: Choose your work with your heart
  • 16:00 Timo Lehti: The magic of teamwork
  • 16:20 Johanna Wartio: Storify your employment history
  • 16:40 Tricia Cleland Silva: Making sense of meaningful and inclusive workplaces through story


Salla Sipari

(PhD) is a Principal Lecturer and Head of Master’s Degree Program in Rehabilitation in Metropolia UAS. In addition of developing collective lifelong learning, she works as a Project Manager focusing on participatory co-research and inclusive RDI in applied sciences. Her research interests in the field of multidisciplinary wellbeing are in developing new concepts and good practices. She has been involved in 15 projects, authored more than 70 publications and is grateful for the Itla Foundation’s 2020 Innovation Citation. Salla is active in many positions such as speaker, facilitator, evaluator, referee, chairman and participates in serval steering groups. Her passion is in the future-oriented co-creation of comprehensive systems to enhance good life.

Anna-Stina Tähkävuori

(M.Sc) works as a Project Manager at Metropolia UAS smart mobility innovation hub. She has a background in construction management and she is currently working closely with smart mobility startups and SME's at EU-funded Jätkäsaari Smart Mobility project. Her responsibilities are also to enhance collaboration between Metropolia RDI-unit, students & smart mobility companies. She is also working as a part time entrepreneur and running her own business to help private people to renovate and build their own homes.

Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid

(PhD) has been working in the autonomous vehicle field since 2014 with various teams in different countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Finland). He is now leading a team of 12 engineers working in the Autonomous Vehicle Software Product Development with Sensible 4, Finland. Umar is one of the recipients for the Finnish Engineering Award 2020 for his contributions to the development of all-weather autonomous driving solutions with the said firm. He is an aspiring automotive thought leader and often invited as a guest and keynote speaker to industrial and technical events. With more than 30 scientific publications as author and editor under his belt, Umar actively participates in global automotive standardization efforts where he is a Secretary for a Society Automotive Engineers (SAE) Committee. He believes that a person needs to continuously grow to progress further, thus it is not a surprise that he opted to join in this discussion of lifelong learning.

Tarnjit Saini

(BBA) is the co-founder and CEO of a Helsinki based startup StepOut. She holds her background in business with a double degree in European Business Administration and International Business. She started her entrepreneurship journey as a student to resolve the pain points of solo entrepreneurs early in their careers, being one of them herself. She has featured in Inklusiiv's 'I Started This' campaign list of entrepreneurial role models in Finland 2020 and was nominated amongst the top 10 'Ashoka - Finnish Changemaker of the Year'. Currently leading her team of seven, Tarnjit is keen on promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the startup ecosystem. She highly believes in having equal opportunities and acceptance for talented people regardless of their background or age which is also the highlight of her talk.

Ben Gran

(Ba. Nursing. Ba. Health and Movement in Sport, Dip. Education) works as a Nurse Anesthetists in Helsinki University Hospital where we works on breast cancer surgeries. He is also the Community Developer at Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society, which aims to develop a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to build a more positive and sustainable future. He has a demonstrated history in public Health, leadership, pedagogy and has a passion in the future of healthcare development.

Päivi Keränen

(MA) combines an educational background of New Media Design and Creative Sustainability with practical experience of working with the cities on design-based participatory urban development supported by new technologies. Working as a Project Manager at Metropolia UAS, she currently leads the project Augmented Urbans; a joint EU-funded initiative with seven cities and municipalities and university partners to explore the nexus of sustainable urban development, participatory planning and XR technologies.

Timo Lehti

(MA) is a screenwriter with 10+ years of experience in several productions, 5+ years in Metropolia UAS as Senior Lecturer in Screenwriting, 2+ years as the Project Manager of Virtual Writers’ Room Project. Timo is enthusiastic about television writing, writers’ room and teamwork - and cross-country skiing in deep snow!

Learn more about Virtual Writers' Room on project website

Tricia Cleland Silva

(PhD) is a senior lecturer in the Health Business Management Masters program at Metropolia, a postdoctoral researcher at Hanken School of Economics, and the co-founder of Metaphora International. She studies and teaches inclusive management and the power of story as a way to connect people in collaborative practices. 

Minna Hellström

(M.Sc.) is a customer focused, design driven marketeer and business leader with 10+ year experience in leadership roles both in global corporates and small to mid-size companies. She is currently finalizing her Masters of Applied Science in Service Design with Value Creation of Smart Homes as study work topic. 

Jukka Karppinen

(MSc) is a Senior Lecturer with a strong industrial background. He explores the idea of following our heart when deciding on our career. He shares his own experience in making a major career change, finding passion in work and avoiding burnout.

Oscar Nissin

(BSC) is the Innovation Director for Smarter Mobility in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He has worked with robotic vehicles for the past five years, and with innovative vehicle prototypes for over a decade. Oscar's interests lie in seeing technology as image of our culture and society, and loves living in the future. Oscar is currently finalizing his MSc. thesis on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones.

Johanna Wartio

(MA) is the Project Manager of Living Portfolio – changing employment –project. She teaches Screenwriting and Film and TV-production at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as Senior Lecturer. She also works as a freelance script consultant with writers, independent production companies and sales agencies. She coaches new writers and consults companies through Hack the Script – project.