Open UAS Path of Health Business Management (Master of Engineering), 30 cr


30 cr


Open UAS Path of Health Business Management (Master of Engineering) includes the following 1st year fall term courses of the degree curriculum:

FALL 2018 (30 cr)

Reseach Skills and Methods, S000DK70-3001, 5 cr
Business Development Methods and Tools, S000DK75-3001, 5 cr
Strategy, Management and Leadership, L000CG01-3006, 5 cr
Marketing Processes and Solutions, L000CG07-3005, 5 cr
Diversity Management, L000CF92-3006, 5 cr
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, L000CG09-3005, 5 cr

You'll find the detailed course contents in the Study Guide (see instructions).

Timing, Implementation and Location

Open Path students study together with degree students. The studies include both contact teaching and e-learing and are organized both daytime and evening time. The minimum attendance is course specific.  You'll find the fall course schedules in Schedule Machine (see link and instructions). Notice that the schedules are not completed until by the beginning of the studies. Therefore it is not recommendable to study them very early.

The studies are placed on term:

  • Fall term: begins 1st August 2018 and ends 31th December 2018

The studies begin on 28th August at 3 pm with an Adobe Connect remote info. Studies continue according to course schedules on 3rd September 2018. More information in the beginning of the studies will be sent to students approximately on week 33.

Principal teaching premises: Tukholmankatu 10, Helsinki

Proceeding in the studies requires that the courses are carried out in order. If the student does not pass some courses, it may prevent proceeding in the path studies and prevent participation in some courses. In such cases, Metropolia is not obliged to offer compensatory studies or alternative completion methods. Such cases do not entitle to any refunds in terms of Open UAS payments. An open UAS student cannot postpone the beginning of studies.

Study Skills and Language Requirements

Path teaching language is English.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
  • 3 year field specific work experience acquired after the Bachelor's Degree
  • Excellent command of English --> level C1 and sufficient study skills (test skills). Note! Dialang language test results must be brought to the interview!

Study Methods, Completion Methods and Assessment

Course specific

Open Study Path Places

3 places


450 €

The price will be charged in the begining of fall term. Please read carefully the Open study path cancellation terms.

More Information

Questions related to the contents of the Path:
Minna Elomaa-Krapu
Phone number

During the studies, the contact person for individual courses is always the course specific teacher.

General practical questions (e.g. enrolment issues):
Phone numbers

Enrolment and Interview

Enrolment happens via e-form above the Path/Module supply table at Businessa Administration supply page. Acception to the path is done in enrolment order and also requires passing of an interview. Only the ones accepted via enrolment can come to the interview. This will be notified after the enrolment the persons in question. The interview is held on 7th August 2018 at 9 am - 12 am at TC119 (Tukholmankatu 10). Bachelor Degree and work experience certificates and Dialang test result must be brought to the interview.