Alumnus of The Month is BBA Kafil Uddin Ahmad

  • BBA in International Business and Logistics (IBL08)
  • Trainee, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg. February-June 2016
  • MSc in Lappeenranta University of Technology 2013-2016
  • Analyst at Thomson Reuters, Poland 2017-

Kafil Uddin Ahmad, originally from Chittagong, Bangladesh, completed his BBA in International Business and Logistics (IBL08) from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2012 and then started MSc in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics at Lappeenranta University of Technology in 2013 where he graduated from in December 2016. Soon, he is going to join Thomson Reuters, Poland, as an analyst.

He came into Finland to study in 2007 and admitted at Metropolia in 2008, completed his BBA in 2012. His career path has so far been quite typical for a foreign graduate: “Shortly, hard work and enthusiasm will lead you to the right destination though it might take time. Getting a job is not specially in Finland for a foreign graduate like me. I have sent couple of hundreds of application and got frustrated. But I did not lose hope. Then I my changed my plan and learned the Finnish language. I Became a Finnish citizen in 2014 which made my search area broad outside of Finland. Later on I got amazing responses from the European Central Bank (ECB), Central Bank of Ireland, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Credit Suisse and so on.“

He worked as a trainee in the European Investment Bank (EIB), Luxembourg from February-June 2016. Also he had chance to work in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Helsinki from June – December 2011 as his obligatory internship while studying BBA. In the future “I would like to see myself working in the big organizations. In fact, I am interested in central banking system due to the broad analytical and research areas but time will say where I go.“

How did you choose this profession? “There are something comes with passion. Playing with numbers (data analysis), research and MSc study gave me direction for working in the banking sector. EIB was my second dream work place whereas ECB is the first. Thus, I can say that EIB was beyond my expectation.”

How has your Alma Mater Metropolia UAS influenced you? “I am very thankful to MBS especially to Marko Korkeakoski who made a truly international environment while studying BBA. Not forget the teachers Louise Stansfield, Michael Keaney, John Greene and Kaija Haapasalo were the most influential ones. Thus, in a word, MBS gave me the international mindset. While studying BBA, there were lot of dimensions. I always liked to learn something associated with numbers and analysis such as finance, maths, statistics etc. Also, truly international environment of MBS helped me to broaden opportunity and perspectives of my future endeavors.”

How do you see your future? “ I would like to see myself in the big organization. In fact, I am interested in Big Data. So time will say. I am from other part of the world so I have different perspective of life, however, I am accustomed with Finnish way of life. I would say: never give up. If plan A does not work then go for plan B.”

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