Quality in Metropolia

At Metropolia, high quality is an important shared value towards which we strive in all of our operations. Behind high-quality expertise, there are motivated and development-oriented employees who aim to achieve excellent results in a good team spirit.

In order to operate with high quality and to achieve results of high quality, operations must be developed and improved continuously. This is visible in everything done at Metropolia. We want to grow and develop in accordance with our strategy today and in the future and thereby create high quality top expertise at national and international level. Read more about our strategy >>

The quality policy of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has been described in section 5 of Metropolia´s Regulations:

"At Metropolia, all operations have a clear purpose and are cost-efficient. They generate high-quality results that satisfy and are valued by the various stakeholders. The aim for high quality guides all activities at Metropolia and forms an inherent part of Metropolia's management." Read more about our Quality Policy >>

Metropolia's quality management process is based on the principles of the PDCA cycle for continuous development, which are implemented through comprehensive quality assurance and development, based on clear divisions of responsibility and combining all organisation levels.


Planning is based on the UAS's strategy, analysed feedback and the current status and foresight information about the operating environment.


Implementation is based of the plans, targets and common operating instructions and practices.


Metropolia tries to evaluate quality, impact and effectiveness in real time in order to react quickly to any opportunities and problems.


Metropolia's operations are developed by analysing information that has been obtained. Then, it is refined into ideas and solution alternatives to develop and improve operations.

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