Open University of Applied Sciences

What can you study?

Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) gives you an opportunity to study courses that are parts of University of Applied Sciences degree programmes (Bachelor's or Master's) regardless of your former education, work experience and age.


Individual courses are usually 5 credit points.

Study paths

Study path equals usually the 1st year of studies in the degree programme (60 credit points, ECTS). The purpose of study paths is to give an opportunity to apply to become a Bachelor's degree student. All degree programmes don't' have study paths, even though the Open Path Application itself is in use.

Study modules

A study module is a combination of courses and the amount of credit points vary. Study modules can be seen as a form of Continuing Education where the courses are parts of degree programmes.

No degree or thesis, sometimes work placement

In Open UAS you can't make a full Bachelor's or Master's Degree. Also you can't make a thesis.

In some degree programmes it's possible to conduct work placement, when it's part of the open path of that degree programme.

Why should you study?

Open UAS gives you an opportunity to

  • build up on your facts and skills needed in working life
  • study as a hobby
  • learn about studying at a University of Applied Sciences
  • help you to find a field or profession of interest
  • carry out courses before applying for a degree programme

Welcome to study!