Special Arrangements in Entrance Examinations

An applicant may submit a separate application to request the right to special arrangements for taking an entrance examination. The same application form is used by all higher education institutions, and it can be found on the website of each institution. The application should indicate the types of special arrangements being requested and the grounds for the request. The applicant should enclose copies of the certificates to which he or she makes appeal.

Decisions on special arrangements for entrance examinations are specific to each programme choice and a decision is only valid on a specific examination date (not for several years running). If a person later signs up to apply to the same or some other programme, he or she will have to reapply for special arrangements for the relevant entrance examination.

In cases where a possible issue already exists during the application period, requests for special arrangements for entrance examinations must be submitted to the Admission Services:

  • no later than 3 pm on 8 February 2017 for the first spring application period
  • no later than 3 pm on 20 April 2017 for the second spring application period
  • no later than 3 pm on 27 September 2017 for the autumn application period

Applications for special arrangements should be submitted to those universities of applied sciences arranging the entrance examinations that an applicant intends to take.

Please note: Documents verifying dyslexia must have been issued within the last 5 (five) years. In
addition, documents verifying a permanent disability, illness or learning disability must have been
issued within the last 5 (five) years. The period of validity of other documents will be decided case-by-case. In some cases,if the disability or illness is permanent, older statements can be accepted.

If an issue entitling an applicant to special arrangements emerges or is identified between the end of the application period and the entrance examination date, the applicant must submit a request for special arrangements to each university of applied sciences to which he or she is applying without delay. A university of applied sciences must make a decision on such request if the applicant is eligible to apply and if he or she is able to attend the entrance examination arranged by the UAS.