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Metropolia Master's - Certified Degree for your Professional Career!

Metropolia provides the most extensive provision of 26 Master’s degree programmes in Finland. Metropolia Master’s gives you a professional edge over your competitors.

Professionals, come and study with other prominent peers

Our students come with the minimum of three years of work experience; in many programs 10+ years.
This is your opportunity to build professional networks across organizations.

We attract the best achievers aiming at best positions.

Professional Certified Teachers - teaching based on experience-based professional competence

Metropolia Master’s faculty:

  • pedagogically licenced
  • wide professional experience
  • doctorate/licenciate degrees
  • personal, consultative approach

We share our expertise with you.

Master’s Thesis is an integrated part of organization development

You develop practises, processes, and systems in collaboration with professionals to your
organization and yourself.

You increase the transparency and visibility of your competences.

Best practice in your field

Best practice is needed for you to be a Master in your field. We offer high quality, pragmatic study contents. Studies are integrated into employer organization context. We teach what we have proven best in your industries.

Personal touch

You develop yourself as a creative, innovative individual. Prior learning will be acknowledged and utilized. One-to-one mentoring integrated into employer organization context. Agile learner support - contact and online interface helps as a sideline of work. We maintain close relationships with our students.

Official International degree on EQF Master's level 7

The Master's degree corresponds to level 7 on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) of reference. The common BSc degree in Engineering or Social Sciences represents level 6.

Fast lane graduation

From 2015 onwards you can complete Metropolia Master's studies in 1-2 years. Studies are employer-friendly with flexible working days/hours. No need to take study leave.

We want you to advance now.

Cross cultural context expands your horizons

Our learning contents, methodology and study arrangements promote intercultural diversity and global, multicultural skills. We prepare you to be recognized internationally.

Study in the Greater Helsinki Region

Expand your networks of organizations, peers, partners and experts. Greater Helsinki region is close to everything.

Free of student fees

Degree program studies are publically funded, free of charge.




Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu - Yhteisö, uudistaja ja kumppani

Metropolia on pääkaupunkiseudulla toimiva kansainvälinen ja monialainen ammattikorkeakoulu. Koulutamme kulttuurin, liiketalouden, sosiaali- ja terveysalan sekä tekniikan asiantuntijoita ja kehittäjiä.

Metropolia muodostaa yhteisön, jossa erilaiset ihmiset ja maailmat kohtaavat ja joka synnyttää oivalluksia ja osaamista työhön ja hyvinvointia elämään.

Studying at Metropolia

Student Stories

Read more what our current and former students have to say about their studies at Metropolia.

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