Chemical Engineering

The level of chemical industry in Finland is very advanced. It is important to develop technology, which is not harmful to the environment, to use rationally natural resources and to handle and minimise process wastes. The basis of product design has to be the life cycle of the product. The chemical industry lays strong emphasis on research and development as well as environmental research.

Graduates from chemical and environmental engineering can expect to find jobs as specialists in production and public administration, R&D or quality control, process design and dimensioning as well as in marketing, purchasing or customer service.

The goal of the degree Programme in chemical engineering is to provide the student with the basic skills in order to work in the chemical industry as a specialist or at the management. These tasks require the ability to apply professional skills and knowledge in practice. In the chemical industry it is essential to consider safety regulations, environmental and health aspects as well as the possibility to apply automation and computing. One of the main goals is to learn to accommodate both the economical and ecological values.

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