Study Fees and Cancellations

Study Fees

Studies in Metropolia’s Open UAS cost 15 €/credit. Term fees are not in use. In addition to the Open UAS fee, the studies may cause some reasonable costs (e.g. learning material), which must be payed in order to carry out the studies acceptably.

The invoice of the studies is sent to the address given in connection to the enrolment. Study paths and study modules are invoiced in the beginning of the term. If a study path/study module is divided into two terms, it will be invoiced in two parts.

Cancellation Terms

Courses, study paths and study modules do not have a full free of charge cancellation right. The customer has committed to the payment on the enrolment form. The customer left on the waiting list is bound to the payment first when he or she has accepted the offered place.

If the customer cancels the enrolment no later than 14 days before the beginning (= first contact lesson or the starting day informed) of the course, study path or study module, 50 % of the study fee can be refunded to the customer if requested and if the request is presented without delay. In terms of 100 percent virtual courses, that have a non stop enrolment, the 14 day cancellation period starts when the customer enrols on the course.


If the customer who has got the place to the study path or study module becomes accepted as a degree student to Metropolia UAS before the beginning of the studies, he or she has a right to cancel the study path or study module free of charge. However, this requires that the customer informs about the cancellation without delay to If the customer is accepted as a degree student to  Metropolia UAS in the middle of studies, the payment of the possible second term studies of the study path or study module  will be refunded. The refund is not given for the first term studies.

A degree student position to any other UAS or institution does not entitle to cancellation entirely free of charge nor refunds in the middle of studies.

If the studies are canceled due to the insufficient amount of participants or some other corresponding reason, Metropolia does not invoice the customer.

Cancellations based on a medical certificate will be handled case specifically.

Negative decisions related to any financial support do not entitle to free of charge cancellation or refunds.

Cancellation Instructions

All cancellations must be sent to avoinamk metropolia fi. An exception to this are the Technology NonStop -virtual study cancellations, which are sent to nonstop metropolia fi . In the message, tell accurately what studies you want to cancel, your name and your contact information.