Studying in open university

Below is the essential information about studying in Metropolia's Open UAS.

More information can be found on students' info pages in the OMA services in intranet (student ID required). Please note, that not all information in OMA applies to open UAS students.

Contacts in various situations


You can check the schedules and locations independently in Lukkarikone ("Schedules machine").

There may always be changes in the schedules, so check them few days before the course starts.

The list view in the calendar shows only classes ahead.

The overall information about the Study Paths and Modules may be published earlier than the schedules.

How to use Lukkarikone

If you are planning studies, but haven't got a place yet:

  1. Type the course code (eg. SX00BN69-3001) in the field "Search word" and press "Search".
  2. Click the symbol before the course name and you'll get a list of the calendar reservations for the course.
  3. Repeat the steps 1.-2. with all courses you are interested in.

If you have got a place and have activated your Student ID:

  1. Log in to Lukkarikone with your Student ID and password.
  2. Type the course code (eg. SX00BN69-3001) in the field "Search word" and press "Search".
  3. Add the course to the "Study basket" by pressing the "+" sign before the name of the course.
  4. Repeat the steps 2.-3. with all courses you are interested in.
  5. When you have all courses in the study basket, press "View schedule".

Now you can easily check if there are some courses overlapping timewise.

Course Descriptions


In Open UAS there are available individual courses, modules and paths. Modules and paths are  combined from courses. 

The certain version at a given time is called an "implementation".

There is general information attached to the course, e.g.:

  • assessment criteria
  • learning objectives
  • contents
  • prior knowledge requirements

There is additional Information attached to the implementation are e.g.:

  • evaluation scale 
  • evaluation criteria 
  • literature
  • location
  • student's workload 
  • teacher
  • teaching methods
  • timing
  • tuition language
  • virtual vs. contact

Individual Courses

The detailed descriptions of the individual courses can be found in the Study Guide. The link to the guide is above the course supply table of each field.

Study Paths and Modules

The detailed descriptions of the study paths and modules for spring 2018 can still be found on the course supply pages by the field of study. The path and module info pages are linked to the supply page, from which there is further a link to the descriptions of the courses in the Study Guide.

Choose the course you wish to examine closer from the list in the Study Guide. You'll get a new window and in the top you can see the different implementations available. Use the code mentioned on the path or module info for choosing the implementation.

Notice, that part of the information is addressed only for degree students. E.g. the enrolment periods apply only to the degree studies - the Open UAS enrolment periods are listed on the Open UAS homepage

Student ID

All Open UAS students receive Metropolia's student ID in the beginning of studies. See Metropolia's IT Services' instructions on how to activate your Student ID. You need either a netbank user ID or a mobile certificate. If you have neither, you can collect your student ID from any of Metropolia's Student Affairs Offices against official identity card during Office opening hours.

You are able to get the student ID first few days before the studies begin, not before.

With the student ID, you'll get the following services:

Open UAS student has the same rights regarding passes, special rooms etc. If you need these for completing the course, you're entitled to them.

Student services


Open UAS student have the right to use all Metropolia libraries and their services. You'll get the library card by showing your ID card. Libraries also have studying premises and computers for students to use.

Information Systems and Helpdesk

Metropolia's Helpdesk supports students in problems related to information systems and student IDs.

In order to get help, the student must create a service request (logging requires a student ID) or if the student ID doesn't work, send email to helpdesk metropolia fi.

More information on Metropolia's information systems and IT Services on their wiki pages.

Student Welfare

Metropolia's Open UAS students are entitled to the services of Metropolia's counselling psychologist and student wellbeing advisors. However, Open UAS students are not entitled to student health care services.


Metropolia's Open UAS students are entitled to use the gyms in Metropolia's premises meant for staff and students. However, Open UAS students are not entitled to use the sport services offered by Metropolia's student union METKA.

Benefits and financial aid

Student Financial Aid and Student Benefits

Studies in Open UAS are considered part-time, and therefore Finnish Kela student financial aid is not granted. For this reason, Open UAS students are also not entitled to student benefits, e.g. student discount in Metropolia's student restaurants or student discounts for public transportation. For more information about student financial aid or other forms of student support, please contact Finnish Kela or Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office.

Other possible support:

Meal Discount

Open Study Path students are entitled to a meal discount in Metropolia's Sodexo student restaurants. The price of the meal for these students is 4,54 €. The discount is granted against a certificate, that will be sent to the students entitled to the discount. Metropolia's Student Affairs Office sends the certificates. Open Study Module students are not entitled to the discount.

Unemployment and Open Studies

Before applying for Open UAS, all unemployed persons receiving unemployment cover should discuss with Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office if the open studies affect their unemployment cover or if there is some financial support available for the studies.

Note! Possible statements by Metropolia for aid applications can be given only to students accepted in Metropolia's Open University, not for applicants on waiting list. All requests should be sent to avoinamk metropolia fi.


Metropolia's Open UAS students are insured by Metropolia.



Materials and information


Open UAS contact persons use always the email address the student gave while enrolling to the courses. Teachers use mostly student's "" address.

If you wish to receive all your study related email in same address, make the necessary forwarding settings in your email. 

Course workspaces in the OMA service

All courses have own workspace in the OMA service. The workspaces are listed in OMA. You are  automatically member of the workspaces for the courses you've enrolled and accepted in.

Teachers use workspaces for informing students about current matters, course materials and literature. The email from the workspace comes to your Metropolia email address.

If the course uses some other e-learning platform (e.g. Moodle), the teacher informs about it. You can log in to Moodle with the same user ID as in OMA, but the teacher usually have to give you the key to the Moodle workspace (if it's not an open one).

Virtual studies

Instructions for 100 % virtual courses can be found in the course description and in most cases in the course workspace in Tuubi. If needed, you'll get more information from the teacher.

Directions for Written Assignments

Metropolia's Well-Being unit has created directions for written assignments for the degree students. These directions apply to all Metropolia's students. See the directions (in Finnish): Kirjallisen työn ohjeet (pdf)

Study guidance

General study guidance is available only for students in open path studies.

Guidance is given usually by the tutoring teacher, Study Coordinator or Head of Degree Programme. Further information about the guidance will be given to path students in the beginning of the studies.

Matters regarding a specific course should always be asked from the teacher in question.




Evaluation of studies and transcript of records

The following scale of grades is used in evaluation:

5 excellent
4 very good
3 good
2 very satisfactory
1 satisfactory
0 fail

or optionally just pass or fail (H/0)

More info in the intranet (requires password)


Every course that has an exam, has two re-exams, that are announced in the course description (more info).

Raising a grade

In some cases it's possible to raise an accepted grade (more info from the teacher of the course in question). 

Transcript of Records

Student Affairs Office sends a transcript of records to all students who have accomplished studies acceptably and have finished their studies. The transcript is sent in February and in September in terms of the academic year..

When needed, you can ask for the transcript of records from the Student Affairs Office via opintotoimisto metropolia fi .

The transcript of records is not given for only participating in the studies.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

There is no direct RPL in Open UAS. That's used only for degree students.

In Open UAS the RPL includes always a pedagogical solution of the teacher, where the student demonstrates his or her competence in a way defined by the teacher. In this way the studies are considered completed in Metropolia and the normal Open UAS fee is paid.

The RPL doesn't justify any price reductions.

Exams and re-exams

If the course includes an exam, it's always organised in connection to the course. In this case, a student is always entitled to two re-exams regarding a failed course. The student may take one re-exam regarding a passed course in order to get a better grade.

Enrolment to re-exams

Open UAS students enrol to the re-exams independently. When attending to both actual exam and re-exam, it's necessary to be on time. It's not possible  to take part into any exam if you arrive late. Identification is verified from all students attending to any exams. Therefore students must have an identity card in both actual exams and re-exams.

All courses' re-exams are organised on a specific day informed beforehand and each re-exam day has it's own enrolment period. The re-exam dates, enrolment periods and instructions are found in Metropolia's intranet Tuubi at: For students > Important dates > Re-examination dates

Enrolment to the re-exam is done according to the instructions in Tuubi. 

Re-exam outside the original study time

If the re-exam is outside the original study time, in addition to the re-exam enrolment, Open UAS students must ask for extension time via avoinamk metropolia fi . The Open UAS contact person have to continue the study time of the Open UAS student in OMA, otherwise the student ID is canceled.