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Welcome to study in Metropolia's Open University of Applied Sciences!

The Open University of Applied Sciences offers a possibility to:

  • apply to a degree program via Open UAS path studies
  • search for the right career choice
  • enhance your professional know-how in working life
  • study something new and inspiring

Current Information

  • Check out and enroll Finnish language studies available at Metropolia Open UAS in the academic year 2021-2022
  • The supply of path studies and modules starting in January 2022 has been published on the Open UAS website and in the enrollment system. Enrollment for the paths is open from 22 November 2021 at 12:00 to 24 November 2021 at 23:59. There are no path studies and modules in English available in January 2022.
  • Due to the Covid-19 situation, Metropolia UAS offers some Open UAS courses free of charge until 31 December 2021. These courses are intended for individuals, who are unemployed or currently laid off. Check out more information and sign up for courses!
  • Please follow the information on the impact of the coronavirus situation on Metropolia's operations on our website. Open UAS students receive implementation-specific instructions from lecturers and general information in OMA-intranet.

Where can I find information on the range of studies offered?


What kind of studies does Open UAS offer?

The Open UAS range of studies consists of parts of degrees (Bachelor/Master) based on the university curricula. It is not possible to complete a full Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree nor Bachelor’s Thesis in the Open UAS. In some degree programmes it is possible to complete work placement, whereupon it is included in the path studies. Open UAS offers:


As according to the name, courses are individual courses. Most common extent of a course is 5 credit points (ECTS).

Path studies

Open UAS path usually equals 1st year or 1st semester studies in the degree programme. In Bachelor's degrees the width of the paths is usually 30-60 credit points (ECTS) and in Master's degrees 15-30 credit points (ECTS).

The purpose of paths is to provide an alternative route to the degree. After completing the path studies, you can apply for a degree student on the basis of open university studies. Note! The Open UAS paths do not offer a direct acceptance to the degree. 

Module studies

Open UAS module is a combination of courses (other than path) and the extent of the module may vary. Modules are supplementary education and the aim is to enhance your professional know-how in working life.

Important before enrollment

Before enrollment, please familiarize yourself carefully with subjects below.

Foreign student note!

Depending on citizenship, foreign students (i.e. students without citizenship of Finland) may need a visa or a residence permit for Open UAS Studies in Finland. Admission of the permit can however be difficult for Open UAS studies as the studies do not lead to a degree. Foreing students also need Finnish Social Security number to be able to study in Metropolia's Open UAS. For further information, please visit the website of the International House Helsinki.

Metropolia does not provide foreign students any certificates about Open UAS studies for the application of visa/residence permit.

The studies in Open UAS often contain contact lessons and require attendance in Metropolia UAS (Helsinki, Finland). Studies also require sufficient study and language skills.

Language skills, study skills and other requirements

Open UAS education is open to everyone, regardless of basic education, work experience and age. However, studying requires sufficient study skills and language skills. Some courses may have prerequisites.

A suitable Bachelor's degree is required for Master’s path studies. Postgraduate work experience is not required in path studies. If you later apply to degree student on the basis of an open UAS studies, two years' work experience after completing a bachelor's degree is required to be eligible.

Check out sufficient study skills and language skills

Terms of payment and cancellation

When a customer enrols for open UAS studies, the enrolment is always considered binding. Upon enrolment, the customer commits to the terms of payment and cancellation.

The customer is granted a right to study for a limited time and limited content. The right to study cannot be transferred to another study module or course or postponed until the next academic year.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to change the information provided in the teaching plans.

Data on the students of the Open UAS are saved in the student information system of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, see the description of file.

Check out terms of payment and cancellation

Schedule Machine and instructions how to use it

You can see the schedule of the course in connection to the course information. If you want to examine schedules of several courses at the same time (notice overlap), you have to use the Schedule Machine.

How to use Schedule Machine

  1. Copy the implementation code from the course information.
  2. Go to the Schedule Machine.
  3. Type the code (eg. SX00BN69-3001) in the field "Search word" and press "Search".
  4. Click the symbol before the course name and you'll get a list of the calendar reservations for the course. NB! The timing period in the course information is not always accurate. Always check the actual schedule.
  5. Add the course to the "Study basket" by pressing the "+" sign before the name of the course.
  6. The course is transferred to the course basket in the left bottom.
  7. If you wish to examine several courses at the same time, repeat the steps 1-6 with all courses.
  8. When you have all courses in the study basket, press "View schedule".
  9. Now you can see the calendar view for the current week. By browsing the weeks you can see the teaching times for each week. If you wish to see all teaching times at once, choose the list –view. In the calendar view you can see the possible overlaps the easiest.

Please note, that if you are not an Open UAS student, you are not able to save the schedule in the Schedule Machine, but you can print it (pdf online or paper).

To be noted

  • There may always be changes in the schedules, so check the schedules close to the beginning of the course.
  • The list view in the calendar shows only classes ahead.
  • Make sure the studies do not overlap!
  • Information on the Study Paths and Modules are usually published and enrollment opened earlier than the schedules are published. However, the students don't need the schedules before the studies.

More information about studying at the Open UAS

After your enrollment read important instructions about studying in Open UAS.


Metropolia's Open UAS range of studies can be found and enrolled in an enrollment system. Please also read instructions below for using the system.  


The students are usually selected in the order of enrollment. In addition, some paths may have a qualifying selection procedure. If you stay in reserve on a path or module, you can still get a place 7 days before the start of the path or module if someone who gets a place cancels his or her registration.

The Open UAS path studies are primarily intended for persons who have not previously studied in path studies at Metropolia. If necessary, students for path studies can be selected deviating from the order of enrollment on this basis. Some paths may also have an eliminating pre-test.

Metropolia's degree students who have enrolled for attendance may not participate in Metropolia’s open UAS studies.

Instructions on how to use the enrollment system

Searching the supply

  • Please notice that all Open UAS selection is visible at both Finnish and English side. Therefore it is very important to check the teaching language in connection to the study information.
  • Studies are searched using search restrictions found in the left side. The results can be restricted using several restrictions. Only those restrictions are visible to choose that are in use at the moment.
  • Above the page is an open search field. Please remember to empty the field if you move to use specific search restrictions. 
  • Other information restrictions offer the possibility to restrict the search according to teaching language, virtual studies, multifield studies and separately Master Degree Programme studies.
  • Search results show 10 first results. Above the results you can find a "next" button which leads you to more results.
  • Above the page you can see the chosen restrictions in use. You can delete all of them from the right side of the page.

Enrollment and studies

  • You can see the exact enrollment period in the course information.
  • In the right margin you can see an "Add to basket" button which is not active when the enrollment time has not yet begun or has ended. In the course information you can see which one is in question. Button is active when registration is in progress.
  • It is not possible to enroll in several paths during the same session. It is however possible to enroll in only one path together with several modules and/or individual courses.
  • During the same session, it is not possible to enroll in studies, which have different selection methods. Selection methods are a) direct selection in enrollment order and b) eliminating pre-test. The eliminating pre-test is used only in some paths.
  • It is not possible to receive a place in two paths. If a person already has a place in a path, the system does not allow this person to enroll in another path nor receive an offered place (pre-test/waiting list). If a person is on a waiting list for other paths, he/she must cancel them in order to receive a place for another path. Being on a waiting list does not however prevent new enrolments to other paths as long as there is no place in a path.
  • When enrolling, you will carry out a strong identification using either online banking codes or Mobile ID. You can also use weak identification, but do not use it if you are able to use strong identification. Otherwise you have to visit a service point of Metropolia's Student and Admission Services to do a strong identification. Lack of strong identification prevents receival of Metropolia's student ID. Staff and studenst of other Applied Sciences can identify themselves using the HAKA identification.
  • When entering you name, write it in form Maija Mehiläinen. Not in maija mehiläinen or MAIJA MEHILÄINEN.
  • When enrolling, double check your email. If the email is incorrect, you will not receive any messages, e.g. confirmation of the study place. 
  • At the moment, it's not possible to give a deviant billing address. The bill will be sent to the address of the enrollee. If you want to redirect the invoice to another party, eg an employer please contact avoinamk [at]
  • If you carry out the payment in connection to the enrollment, always return to the service provider's webpage in the end of the process. NEVER close the browser or the enrollment fails.
  • If you cancel our studies, ALWAYS do it by using the cancellation link in the automatic message you got. In terms of refunds, send email to avoinamk [at]
    You can view the right to refunds in terms of payment and cancellation.

Timing of the studies

  • You can see the schedule of the course in connection to the course information. If you want to examine schedules of several courses at the same time (notice overlap), you have to use the Schedule Machine. 
  • If the schedule is empty, it has not yet been published. An exception to this are 100% virtual studies. This is mentioned in the course information. Enrollment to courses with empty schedules happens at one's own risk. Schedules proven to be later unsuitable for the student does not entitle to free cancellation.
  • The "timing" field (date - date) in connection to the study information does not necessarily represent the correct beginning. The timing must always be checked from the schedule. Link to the Schedule Machine can not be found in the information system.

Enrollment to individual courses

Enrollment to individual courses varies depending on the degree programme and sometimes on the course. In the information system, you can see the exact enrollment period as well as the entire schedule of the course. If you want to examine schedules of several courses at the same time (e.g. overlapping), you use the Schedule Machine

NOTICE! Course supply may be published before the course schedules. If the course schedule information is empty, it has not yet been published. An exception to this are 100% virtual studies. This is mentioned in the course information. Enrollment to courses with empty schedules happens at one's own risk. Schedules proven to be later unsuitable for the student do not entitle to free cancellation.

You can get acquainted with the open UAS range of study and enroll in our enrollment system.

Supply of Paths and modules and enrollment

The supply of paths and modules starting in spring 2022 has been published in the enrollment system. Enrollment for the paths is open from 22 November 2021 at 12:00 to 24 November 2021 at 23:59. Enrollment is done by clicking "Add to basket". There are no path studies and modules in English available in January 2022.

Some of the paths include a pre-test. Invitations to pre-tests will be emailed between 25 and 26 November, 2021. Information about the selection / rejection will be sent by e-mail to the participants in the selection procedure no later than 3.12.2021.

Payment can be made either at the time of registration or by invoice in two installments. If a study path or study module includes a separate selection process, the customer is obliged to pay and the fee will only be charged once the selection has been confirmed and the customer has accepted the study place.

The registration period for some individual study units may take longer. Up-to-date information can always be found in the enrolment system.

About pre-tests in Open UAS paths

Some Open UAS paths include a pre-test, that has to be passed. Information on the test is in the path information. All enrollees are invited to the pre-test, including those in the waiting list, unless otherwise stated in the path information.

However, the pre-test is only eliminating and students are selected in enrollment order to the studies. The amount of students selected is stated in the path information.

Those left in the waiting list can receive a study place to the path in the following situations: A person entitled to the place does not pass the test, a person who has passed the test does not accept it or cancels it after accepting.

All accepted path students will receive an email which includes a link to accept the place. Please also follow your spam. If one does not accept the place in 24 hours, it will be offered forward.

IT NonStop Virtual Studies

Check out and enroll for NonStop virtual studies in Information and Communication technology.

Application for a Degree Student

You can apply for the Degree Student on the Basis of Open UAS Studies.


If the student is accepted as a degree student in Metropolia or other university of applied sciences, it is possible to apply for the regocnition of studies completed in open studies as part of the degree.

The RPL decisions are up to the university of applied sciences in question. The RPL application is done with the open studies transcript of records.


Contact Information

avoinamk [at]
tel. +358 40 712 5100
(Mon-Thu 10 am - 1 pm) 

Questions related to the performance of studies must be addressed to the course teacher. Questions related to the Open UAS path and module studies must be addressed to the person stated in the path/module information.


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