For Ukrainian refugees

Информация для беженцев из Украины на русском языке

In response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, universities and The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland offer services and study opportunities for Ukrainians.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers degree programmes only in Finnish or English language.

Support in learning Finnish and finding employment

The Towards Finnish Working Life training is designed for Ukrainians living in Finland and having completed either a higher education degree or at least studies in higher education. There are two different training paths available, chosen based on the participant's Finnish language level in the beginning of the training. Each training path consists of minimum of 5 ECTS and is free of charge for the participant.

Participants without basic Finnish language skills (under B1) are offered a fast track to learn basic Finnish language skills. To those with intermediate language skills (B1 or higher), we offer a work placement: practical training in a company or in a higher education institution's RDI project or other work-based assignment.

Additionally, career guidance about the following topics is available: Finnish working life, identifying and marketing skills in Finnish, and CV and motivation letter in Finnish.

Read more and sign up for the training on the Towards Finnish Working Life website!

Free of charge studies of the Open University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia offers courses, modules and path studies of the Open UAS free of charge for people fleeing from Ukraine. People fleeing from Ukraine and eligible for temporary protection in Finland can be exempted from the open UAS fee with Migri decision of temporary protection.

Check out studies and enroll in the Metropolia Open UAS enrollment system.

When enrolling, choose invoice as a payment method and after enrollment send Migri decision of temporary protection using secured email to avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]metropolia[dot]fi). Please note that pending document of temporary protection is not valid. Please find the instructions for sending secure email.

Examples of open UAS course offerings in English


  • 2D Game Art Fundamentals (nonstop), 5 ECTS
  • Fundamentals of 3D Game Modelling (NonStop), 5 ECTS
  • Game Design and Gamification - Part 1 (NonStop), 5 ECTS
  • Game Design and Gamification - Part 2 (NonStop), 5 ECTS
  • Unity Game Development (NonStop), 5 ECTS

Information Security

  • Basics of Information Security (NonStop), 6 ECTS
  • CyberDefence Professional (NonStop), 8 ECTS
  • Ethical Hacking (NonStop), 6 ECTS

Artificial Intelligence

  • Python Programming (NonStop), 3 ECTS
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (NonStop), 3 ECTS
  • Artificial intelligence with Python (NonStop), 3 ECTS

Programming languages

  • Introduction to C# programming (NonStop), 3 ECTS
  • C - Programming (NonStop), 3 ECTS
  • C++ Programming (NonStop), 3 ECTS
  • Introduction to Kotlin (NonStop), 3 ECTS
  • Introduction to Javascript (NonStop), 5 ECTS


  • Finnish for Foreigners 1 (NonStop), 5 ECTS
  • Finnish for Foreigners 2 (NonStop), 5 ECTS


Metropolia participates to the following projects developing skills of temporary protection beneficiaries in Finland:

  • OODI project offers new digital skills and guidance in ICT industry
  • Here Ukraine project provides skills required in renovation and reconstruction, rehabilitation, psychosocial and physical wellbeing.
  • PrepProg project offers preparatory training for foreign language university studies.

Degree studies and grants

Refugees from Ukraine can normally apply for a Metropolia degree programs through a joint application or a separate application.

Metropolia UAS awards scholarships to students who have been granted a temporary residence permit under the EU Council Implementing Regulation (EU 2022/382) following an attack on Ukraine. These students will get a grant based on humanitarian ground so that they do not need to pay the tuition fees.

Scholarships based on humanitarian grounds can be awarded also to Ukrainian students in Finland. It will be paid to the student in such a way that the scholarship will offset the full tuition fee of 2022-2024, starting on March 30, 2022.

Check out all Degree Studies of Metropolia.

Separate study rights

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences can grant separate study rights in certain degree programmes to Ukrainian degree students. This study opportunity is aimed at students who have an existing, valid right to study at a Ukrainian university, and whose studies have been discontinued due to the war in Ukraine.

Separate study rights will be granted based on the compatibility of applicants’ earlier studies with those offered by university of applied sciences. Applicant must fill specific academic and language requirements. Separate study right can be granted for a maximum of two years and 120 ECTS point. Separate study right doesn't lead to a degree.

Metropolia offers degree programmes in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Techonology.

Degree programmes in English:

If you are interested in separate study rights, sign up for a SIMHE guidance discussion

Additional information

The Finnish higher education system consists of universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). Universities of applied sciences offer professionally oriented higher education on bachelor’s and master’s level and have strong ties with working life and regional development.

All information about universities of applied sciences in Finland in UAS Info Portal

The study opportunities and services offered by Metropolia SIMHE Services for Immigrants

Study and research opportunities for those fleeing Ukraine in Study in Finland site

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In case you want to ask some additional information, feel free to contact us in English or in Finnish by email simhe [at] (simhe[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

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