Towards Finnish Working Life training

Support in learning Finnish and finding employment

The training is designed for Ukrainians living in Finland and having completed either a higher education degree or at least studies in higher education. In order to sign up for the training, please scroll down to "Schedule and registration for the training". In case your enterprise is interested in offering an internship or an assignment for a participant of the training, you can find more information on the website for employers.

The training will support you in

  • improving your Finnish language skills
  • identifying and marketing your skills when applying for a job
  • becoming familiar with employment opportunities, study opportunities and career paths in Finland
  • becoming aware of the competence requirements of the Finnish working life and in your own professional field, and developing your skills accordingly

Training paths for Ukrainians with higher education

There are two different training paths available. The choice between the two paths will be made by the project team and on the basis of your Finnish language skill level in the beginning of the training. Each training path consists of minimum of 5 ECTS.

Ukrainians without basic Finnish language skills (under B1)

  • Fast and flexible track to learn basic Finnish language skills: Online Finnish courses and individual support by our Finnish teacher
  • Career coaching: information about Finnish working life, identifying and marketing your skills in Finnish, skill development, CV and motivation letter in Finnish

Ukrainians with intermediate Finnish language skills (B1 or higher)

  • Career coaching: information about Finnish working life, identifying and marketing your skills in Finnish, skill development, CV and motivation letter in Finnish
  • Work placement: practical training in a company or in a university of applied sciences project, or other work-based assignment. The emphasis of the training in this training path is on finding employment in the field of trade and business administration in Finland. Hence, the participants of the training would ideally already have some studies or work experience in this field, but it is also possible to participate in the training without any prior experience — it is the motivation that counts!

In addition, complementary studies at Metropolia Open University can be suggested to support your job search.

Schedule and registration for the training

The training will be offered until 31 December 2024. You can start the training anytime between January-August 2024. The maximum duration of the training is 4 months.

Sign up for the training by 31 August 2024 by filling in the registration form (E-lomake).

We are not processing new registrations for the training in the period between 5 July and 8 August. You can nevertheless sign up for the training anytime before 31 August 2024, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The training is available for Ukrainians living in Finland with

  • a residence permit in Finland on the basis of temporary protection
  • higher education studies or a degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD)

The training is free of charge to the participants. It is not possible to participate in this training while taking the integration training (kotoutumiskoulutus).

Contact information

Project Manager Outi Lemettinen
See Outi's contact information on PeopleFinder

Information about the training in Ukrainian