Future Proof Health and Wellbeing innovation hub

Learning and development environments

The main functions of the innovation hub are RDI-projects as well as learning and development environments HyMy Village - Wellbeing and Health Services, Turbiini Business Accelerator and Metropolia Proof Health for pre-clinical testing, validation and verification.

In these learning and development environments, innovations and services are created in inspiring cooperation. In an authentic learning environment, we provide students and the society with the skills that are needed in the future.

HyMy Village - Wellbeing and Health Services

Flexible wellbeing and health solutions and services from one place, individually and without haste. As a teaching client, you also support the development of the skills of future professionals.

Metropolia Proof Health

Metropolia Proof Health provides companies with a modern environment, flexible processes and extensive expertise in pre-clinical testing, validation and verification.

Kolme lasta ja aikuinen istuu risti-istunnassa jonossa pienimmästä suurimpaan.

Cultural wellbeing research and education centre CuWeRE

CuWeRE develops and renews the multidisciplinary field related to creativity, arts, health and wellbeing in Finland.

Turbiini Business Accelerator

Turbiini Turbiini Business Accelerator supports start-up companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Turbiini helps business ideas turn into teams, startups and growth companies.

Contact: Service Coordinator Ulla Vehkaperä
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The vision of the Future Proof Health and Wellbeing innovation hub is to be a nationwide developer and forerunner in the field of health care and social services. We develop, concept and test new customer-oriented services, products as well as business experiments and pilots.

The innovation hub brings together actors from different fields and sectors - companies, research institutes, cities, organizations, residents of the area as well as Metropolia’s students, teachers and other experts - to learn and study together and to experiment and create solutions to accelerate the development of the field of health care and social services. We operate in an ecosystem based on the principles of partnership, reciprocity, transparency and trust.

At the core of our innovation hub’s operations are

  • holistic, individual, and ethical encounters with people
  • promoting equal inclusion
  • prevention of exclusion and inequality.

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Contact Information

Minna Elomaa-Krapu.

Innovation Director
Minna Elomaa-Krapu
minna.elomaa-krapu [at] metropolia.fi (minna[dot]elomaa-krapu[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
Tel. +358 50 532 6331

Anna-Maria Vilkuna.

Director, RDI
Anna-Maria Vilkuna
anna-maria.vilkuna [at] metropolia.fi (anna-maria[dot]vilkuna[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
Tel. +358 40 334 7929

Eija Raussi-Lehto

Metropolia Proof Health, Service Coordinator
Lecturer Eija Raussi-Lehto
eija.raussi-lehto [at] metropolia.fi (eija[dot]raussi-lehto[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
Tel. +358 40 630 0988

Ulla Vehkaperä

Turbiini- and business Coordinator
Lecturer Ulla Vehkaperä
ulla.vehkapera [at] metropolia.fi (ulla[dot]vehkapera[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
Tel. +358 40 714 5147

Anita Ahlstrand

HyMy Village Service Coordinator
Lecturer Anita Ahlstrand
anita.ahlstrand [at] metropolia.fi (anita[dot]ahlstrand[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
Tel. +358 40 641 8140