Below you will find listed the educational agencies we have as our partners. They help us in recruiting international degree students via joint and separate application. You are free to choose whether you would like to use their services or apply to us directly via joint application.

China and India

Viope Education Oy

India (+ Middle East and Asian countries)

StudyNordic Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.


MIE Consulting Agency

Lebanon and Jordan


Mainly Asia

Edunation (see their website for target countries)

Sri Lanka

GHC Global Education



Further information

Aija Ahokas
Metropolia UAS
Manager, Education Export
tel. +358 50 401 3503
aija.ahokas [at]

Eva-Maria Vogasianos
Metropolia UAS
Communications and Marketing; International Student Recruitment
tel. +358 44 531 6694
eva-maria.vogasianos [at]