Myyrmäki Campus - Campus for Sustainable Technology and Business

Metropolia’s Myyrmäki campus in Vantaa is where Industrial Technology meets International Business.

The campus is a multicultural hub where people work in close collaboration with companies, at the forefront of sustainable development.

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Transport connections

Myyrmäki Campus is located at the largest district in Vantaa, near railway and bus station and to Myyrmanni, a large shopping centre.

The campus is between Raappavuorentie, Rajatorpantie and Leiritie. The campus consists of three parts built at different times, with the letters A, B and C.

There are four entrances to the campus. The main entrance is on the Rajatorpantie side. There are also entrances from the campus staff parking area to sections C and A.

The Campus is easily accessible by the public transport.

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The area is served by Myyrmäki railway station and the Ring Rail Line network. I and P trains serve all stations along the line. I trains run counter clockwise (Helsinki-Tikkurila-Airport-Myyrmäki-Helsinki) and P trains clockwise (Helsinki-Myyrmäki-Airport-Tikkurila-Helsinki). The trains run every ten minutes Monday to Friday and Saturdays.

To find train connections and timetables please use the journey planner.


Myyrmäki serves as hub for public bus services in Vantaa with good connections to the cities of Helsinki and Espoo as well as to other areas of Vantaa.

To find bus connections and timetables please use the journey planner.


There are a number of places in which you can attach and lock your bicycle on front of the entrance of Myyrmäki Campus.


Free car parking places are available for 4 hours next to Energia Areena. There are also dedicated parking places for Metropolia near the Sports Center Fressi (do not use Fressi's own places). Staff members have their own dedicated parking at the campus.

Two disabled parking places are located in front of the main entrance. There are two other disabled parking places at the staff parking area.


Animals are not allowed on the campus.

Accessibility on the Myyrmäki Campus


The Myyrmäki Campus has five accessible parking spaces. The accessible parking spaces are located on the staff parking lot, which can be reached from the Leiritie (Leiritie 1, Vantaa) side. The accessible parking spaces have been marked with a blue wheelchair sign.

The accessible parking spaces are located near the entrance. An even path leads from the accessible parking spaces to the accessible entrance and the way is marked with wheelchair signs.

There is no separately marked drop-off area, but there is space for stopping by the main and the accessible entrances.


The main entrance by the Rajatorpantie side has two thresholds, which have a combined height of approximately 5 cm. The entrance doors are heavy.

The accessible entrance is located on the parking lot side at Leiritie 1, Vantaa. The doors of the accessible entrance have an electric opening mechanism. The space in front of the entrance is even.


When arriving through the accessible entrance, the reception is located straight ahead at the end of the hallway. When arriving through the main entrance, the reception is located on the right. There is no induction loop at the reception.

The Myyrmäki Campus is accessible for moving around. Each space has an accessible entrance. The Myyrmäki campus consists of parts A, B and C, and each of them has an elevator with access to every floor. The elevators in parts B and C have automatic doors. The elevator in part A has a manual door.

There are no induction loops in the teaching facilities.

Accessible Toilet

Part A of the building has one accessible toilet on the first floor. Parts B and C have accessible toilets on each floor. Below you can see more detailed information on the two accessible toilets that are located on the first floor.

The accessible toilet in part A of the building has an 80 cm wide door and the threshold is approx. 3 cm high. The toilet has a minimum of 80 cm of free space on both sides of the toilet seat. The supporting rails are attached to the floor.

The accessible toilet in part C of the building has a minimum of 80 cm of free space on the right-hand side from the front of the toilet seat. The supporting rails are attached to the wall.

More information on the accessibility of the Myyrmäki Campus

tel. +358 40 545 1573
aulapalvelut.myyrmaki [at] (aulapalvelut[dot]myyrmaki[at]metropolia[dot]fi)



The number of students and the size of the campus were doubled in August 2018, when the extension of the campus was finalized. The first part of the campus, Building A, was built in 1988 and Building B in 2002.

There are now 3500 students and 230 staff members operating on the campus in the fields of Industrial Technologies and International Business.

First piles of the extension of the Myyrmäki Campus were driven in April, 2016, and the building phase started in September 2016.

A four-storey new building is located on a former parking lot of the older part of the campus, and is integrated to the buildings A and B, which were in use throughout the construction phase of the extension.

The new building includes various technical facilities used by Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineering Degree Programmes. The campus restaurant and the library are located in the new part of the campus to meet the increasing demand.


  • Extension of 12 000 htm2
  • Construction company: VTK Kiinteistöt Oy
  • Head Designer Kirsti Sivén, Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala Arkkitehdit Oy
  • Estimate noin 35 M€
  • Building 2016-2018
  • Completed in August 2018

More info

Mr. Simo Hoikkala
Project Director
tel. +358 50 366 0545
simo.hoikkala [at] (simo[dot]hoikkala[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

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