Metropolia's new Developer Campus for Smart Solutions in Karamalmi, Espoo was opened on August 2019.

Visiting Karamalmi Campus

  • Karamalmi Campus is located in Espoo 22 minutes drive from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
  • From Helsinki City Center the campus is best accessed by train (A, U) to Leppävaara and further by bus to the campus (for example buses 532, 224, 225, 227, 235, 236, 238, 239). To find up-to-date train and bus connections and timetables please use the journey planner 
  • The campus is located 4 kilometres west from Leppävaara, Espoo (bus connection recommended)
  • From the train station Kera, Espoo, it takes 15 minutes (1 km) to walk to the campus
  • Navigation: Karaportti 2, Espoo

Operations in Karamalmi Campus

Tuition in English

Tuition in Finnish

  • Information and Communication Technology, Bachelor's degree
  • Industrial Management, Bachelor's degree


Leppävaara Campus in Espoo was closed on March 4, 2019 due to safety reasons. The property owner, City of Espoo, informed Metropolia about the poor condition of the campus structures on Feb 14, 2019 and urged Metropolia to move campus activities away as soon as possible to maximize students and staff members security.

The remodeling of Karamalmi Campus from an office site to modern learning spaces will start in Sept-Oct 2019.

For further information

Mr. Simo Hoikkala
Project Director
tel. +358 50 366 0545
simo.hoikkala [at]