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We innovate by actively bringing together experts and expertise from various parts of society: new expertise for the future needs of businesses and society, better services, wellbeing and vitality to regions and a range of opportunities for new research, growth and business.

Innovation hubs provide us with an excellent setting to implement the development goals in UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to help Finland become a model country of sustainable development.

People first approach, data and new technologies at the heart of solutions

A people first approach to solutions and the utilisation of data and various technologies play a key role when solving phenomenon-based challenges: different views are linked to each other and at best produce new kinds of solutions.  

Answers are sought to many challenges and opportunities, such as:

  • How can mobility be improved by means of data produced by sensors and by artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • How can enhanced reality, artificial intelligence and robotics help us solve sustainable development problems?
  • What kind of health and wellbeing services that are more individual than those currently available can be produced by means of high-quality data and artificial intelligence? 
  • How will data and artificial intelligence change the way professionals operate in the construction industry?

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Flexible experiments, the power of cooperation and learning new things

Each of our new campuses will have an operation and innovation platform – Solutions Arena – offering the framework for quick experimentation, testing and piloting and a physical location for new kind of active cooperation between public entities, businesses, organisations and citizens.

The Solutions Arena will also play a key role in speeding up learning.  The Arena will host topical seminars relating to various phenomena and new technologies and renew and update phenomenon and technology expertise according to society's needs.

Towards a higher education institution with a strong impact

Through innovation hubs and the Solutions Arena, Metropolia will become one of the biggest ecosystems in our society.  This will also change our own role and identity as a social reformer: Metropolia will develop into a higher education institution that will have a strong impact on regional and social wellbeing and growth on a wide spectrum.


Anna-Maria Vilkuna
Director, Research and Development
anna-maria.vilkuna [at]