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Higher education preparatory programme for immigrants

Do you wish to study for a degree in Finnish in a university of applied sciences? Metropolia provides studies to prepare you for this. The courses are taught in Finnish.

Degree studies in Metropolia

Metropolia offers degree studies in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. You can study for a bachelor or a master degree in a university of applied sciences. Degrees are available in Finnish and in English.

Supplement your competence and study in open UAS

Metropolia Open UAS offers a wide variety of courses. Open UAS path studies can also open an opportunity to apply for degree studies in Metropolia.

Open UAS NonStop studies

Study flexibly according to your own schedule in the Open UAS online studies of Information and Communication Technology.

Diplomas of Higher Education and study modules

Deepen or update your skills to meet the needs of working life!

For Ukrainian refugees

Metropolia offers courses, study modules and path studies of the Open UAS free of charge for people fleeing from Ukraine.

Finnish language courses

Finnish as a second language courses at different levels. General and subject-specific language courses available.

Career Boost Programme in ICT

The programme is aimed at unemployed immigrants with a higher education degree in ICT or relevant field. The programme gives a possibility to develop and update skills in software development, web technology, cloud computing, AI and machine learning, and in IT fundamentals to meet the demands of work-life in Finland.

Previously started Career Boost programmes

Career Boost in Automation Business

The programme is now closed to applications.

Career Boost for automation business is targeted to professionals in electrical and automation technology who wish to develop and update their skills or specialise from programming to automation business. You will learn to programme industrial applications and devices (e.g. embedded measurement and control systems, control devices, data collection and management, different industrial IoT applications). You will also develop your competence in data management and analytics by exploring data management in different databases, data-based problem-solving and applications of machine learning and AI. The studies also give you the opportunity to develop your skills in operating in project environments and in managing projects.

By completing the programme you will improve your employment prospects in jobs such as e.g. automation engineer/specialist, industrial engineer/manager, system specialist or maintenance specialist in Finland. You will also develop your field-specific language skills in Finnish and build your networks with the local businesses and industry.

Mode of delivery, structure and timing:

  • Language of tuition: Finnish, but material also in English
  • Duration: max 12 months
  • Extent: max 60 ECTS credits
  • Mode of delivery: online studies and contact teaching partly in groups, partly independently

Courses from which the most suitable ones for you will be selected:

  • Industrial programming technology and an IoT project (max. 10 ECTS)
  • programming (max. 10 ECTS)
  • control system engineering and mathematics (max. 10 ECTS)
  • innovation project and safety at work (max. 10 ECTS)
  • Professional Finnish (max. 15 ECTS)
  • Work-based learning (max. 10 ECTS)

In addition you will develop your career skills and network with local employers

Programme-specific selection criteria:

  • A higher education degree from abroad related to automation business, e.g. technician or engineer, or when applicable also professional competence developed through work experience
  • Language requirement: min. B1 level in Finnish, in addition good English skills
  • Good mathematical skills
  • In addition the above eligibility criteria for all the programmes

Career Boost in Nursing

The programme is now closed to applications.

The Career Boost programme in nursing is designed to support immigrants who have a degree in Nursing from abroad to obtain the right to practise the nursing profession in Finland.

The content and the length of the programme will be determined by the requirements set individually by Valvira. The competences covered in the programme include e.g. clinical, surgical and perioperative nursing and nursing in the contexts of internal diseases, mental care and substance abuse. Also, you will develop special competences required in work with children, the youth, families and the elderly. Furthermore, you will learn about different service environments and nursing in cases of special needs.

Note that in addition to the programme, in order to obtain the right to practise the profession you will also need to be able to demonstrate sufficient Finnish language competence:

  • YKI test with the result 3, coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI)
  • another nationally accepted language degree (see the EDUFI website in Finnish) or
  • upper secondary education in Finnish.

Mode of delivery, structure and timing:

  • Language of tuition: Finnish
  • Timing of studies: start once a month during the academic semesters, studies according to the individual study plan
  • Length: varies depending on the education background (e.g. degree from EU/EEA or non-EU/EEA countries) and the Valvira requirements
  • Extent: 25-40 ECTS credits depending on the Valvira requirements
  • Mode of delivery: multiform learning mostly online including simulations; work placements take place in different units in the health care sector
  • Location of contact teaching: Myllypuro campus (Myllypurontie 1, Helsinki)
  • Number of seats: max. 40 yearly

Studies are carried out in accordance with Valvira's regulations, usually including 25-40 ECTS:

  • Three simulations, clinical practices (minimum 8 ECTS), final exam (1 ECTS)
  • Service system and legislation in health care and social services, medication, clinical care
  • Guidance and professional Finnish (max. 8 ECTS)

In addition you will develop your career skills and network with local employers

Programme-specific selection criteria:

  • A bachelor-level higher education degree in nursing which is based on nursing science (NB: not medicine)
  • Language requirement: min. B1 level Finnish demonstrated with an YKI3 result at the start of the programme or the preparedness to reach YKI3 level - note also the requirements to obtain the right to practise profession
  • Career Boost programme for nurses accepts individuals nationwide, but please notice that the programme includes some contact teaching in Helsinki. Furthermore, collaboration in clinical practice matters is limited to municipalities and other employers in the Helsinki region. If you wish to find a clinical practice required by Valvira outside the region, you are responsible for independently securing one. While searching for such a placement, note that Metropolia does not pay guidance fees to employers.

How to apply to the programme?

This programme is now closed to applications.

Should you need any career guidance or mapping of further possibilities, sign up for SIMHE career guidance

More information

simhe [at]

Career Boost in Real Estate and Construction

The programme is now closed to applications.

The Career Boost program in Real Estate and Construction is for immigrants who have a relevant university degree from abroad and who aim to supplement their professional competence, develop their Finnish language skills and expand their knowledge of the Finnish operating environment in the field.

The courses complement a student's knowledge of Finnish building regulations, design criteria and construction project practices, and information modeling of construction projects. Finnish language studies support the ability to work in a Finnish-speaking work environment in the field. The program also includes career coaching and networking.

You can select individual courses or take them all.

Course selection

  • Introduction to Timber Building and Sustainability 5 ECTS
  • Wood and wood construction 5 ECTS
  • Basics of building construction 5 ECTS
  • IT in Construction 5 ECTS
  • Real estate legislation and regulations 5 ECTS
  • Professional Finnish 5-10 ECTS

Mode of delivery

  • All courses are in Finnish (as a second language).
  • Independent online studies (wood construction courses) or Autumn courses online/on Myllypuro campus


  • The courses are free of charge

Programme-specific selection criteria:

  • a Bachelor or Masters degree from abroad in the field of real estate or construction, eg civil engineer or graduate engineer, master builder or building architect
  • native language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami
  • Finnish language skills at least at B1 level (European Language Proficiency Assessment Reference Development CEFR)

More information

information on application process: simhe [at]
Information on courses: senior lecturer Simo Hoikkala, simo.hoikkala [at]

Career Boost in Business Accounting

Potentially the new group will start in autumn 2023.

The enrollment has ended.

Career Boost for business accounting is targeted to professionals who wish to update their knowledge of financial and management accounting and understand better the work environment and expectations of this field in Finland.

By completing the programme, you will learn to produce bookkeeping and financial statements according to Finnish legislation and taxation practices. You will also learn about salary administration and how salary entries are done. You will be able to produce and analyze financial data to support decision-making, e.g. budgets, reports, indicators, analyses and calculations of costs and profitability. The programme also prepares you to use business intelligence and analytics tools for developing business solutions of quality and impact. In addition, integrated Finnish language studies will help you improve your substance related Finnish language skills to the next level.

By completing the programme you will improve your employment prospects in management accounting and analytics, e.g. as a controller, consultant of profitability accounting, financial manager or analyst. You can also find employment in financial accounting in duties such as salary administration, bookkeeping or management of accounts ledger.

Mode of delivery, structure and timing

  • Language of tuition: Finnish
  • Duration: From January 9th until 26 May 2023 (Monday-Friday at 9 am - 4 pm)
  • Extent: 35 ECTS credits
  • Location: Campus Myyrmäki, Leiritie 1, Vantaa. Studies include also some distance learning
  • Seats available: 30
  • Courses are free of charge


  • Career Boost Programme in Business Accounting consists of 35 ECTS that includes:
  • Business accounting (5 ECTS)
  • Management accounting (5 ECTS)
  • Business analytics and tools (10 ECTS)
  • Career skills and network with local employers (5 ECTS)
  • Professional Finnish (10 ECTS)

Selection criteria

  • A higher education degree in business or similar from abroad
  • Native language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami
  • Language requirement: min. B1 level in Finnish
  • Work experience and independent learning of business administration is an asset
  • Ability to take initiative and learn independently and interest in the thematic area of business administration
  • Motivated to develop your skills and find employment in the Finnish job market in your field of expertise

More information

Contact simhe [at]

Information on study courses: lecturer Niklas Visanko, niklas.visanko [at]

Importance of a work placement: Arsalan Shakil shares his experiences

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