Metropolia’s services to highly educated immigrants

Are you looking to gain new insights in your career opportunities in Finland? Do you need advise in identyfing your competence? Or, would you like to study something new?

Metropolia SIMHE services help highly educated immigrants and those aiming at higher education to succeed with their career planning in Finland.

Metropolia is a part of national SIMHE - Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland - network.

Career guidance and counselling

SIMHE Career Guidance for immigrants

A one-to-one discussion with a SIMHE Career Coach helps you to map your competences and identify suitable study and career paths in Finland.

Guidance Generalia lectures

The Guidance Generalia are lectures and info sessions open to all immigrants. The topics are selected to help you navigate your study options and develop your career prospects in Finland.

For Ukrainians

Would you like to have guidance on study and career possibilities in Finland? Would you like to continue you studies or study something new? We will help you. Explore our services!

Recognition of competence and study opportunities

Recognition of competence

How can you get started with recognising your key competences? Metropolia also provides recognition of competence by a professional in selected fields of study and for limited target groups.

Study opportunities and developing competence

Are you interested to study Finnish or to develop your field-specific competence? Metropolia offers you a wide range of options from individual courses to tailored programmes and full degrees.

More information and about SIMHE

Tips for information search

Useful tips and links for immigrants on career planning in Finland e.g. professional qualifications, studies, employment, entrepreneurship and learning Finnish.

Information for experts in integration

Do you work with topics related to integration and employment of international professionals? Metropolia has developed SIMHE operations, not only guidance and recognition of competence but also several projects, publications and events, since 2016.

Personal data processing and customer register in SIMHE services

We collect personal data of customers for the purpose of SIMHE customer service and statistics. For more information, see the privacy notices: