Metropolia returns gradually to normal operations - the situation will be confirmed in early August

More information on the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

Strategy 2020

Metropolia aims to become an Impressive Player in Higher Education.


We support an enriching and constructive student-oriented culture in diverse learning environments.


At Metropolia, high quality is an important shared value towards which we strive in all of our operations.


Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia have launched new initiatives to deepen their partnership.


Email addresses firstname.surname [at]

Management Group

Riitta Konkola

President, CEO

Riitta Konkola

Secretary Minna Holm
Tel. +358 9 7424 5007

Simo Mustila

Deputy CEO

Simo Mustila
Tel. +358 44 220 3300

Secretary Minna Holm
Tel. +358 9 7424 5007

Katri Luukka

Director, Lifelong Learning Services

Katri Luukka
Tel. +358 40 573 6728

Secretary Kati Mailander
Tel. +358 50 573 6282

Tapani Martti


Director, Education

Tapani Martti
Tel. +358 40 771 9160

Secretary Eeva Puttonen
Tel. +358 40 834 3360

Eeva Viitanen.

Director, Development

Eeva Viitanen
Tel. +358 40 046 5953

Secretary Minna Holm
Tel. +358 9 7424 5007

Anna-Maria Vilkuna

Director, Research and Development

Anna-Maria Vilkuna
Tel. +358 40 334 7929

Secretary Kati Mailander
Tel. +358 50 573 6282

Minna Kaihovirta.

Head of Communications

Minna Kaihovirta
Tel. +358 50 055 0645

(Liisa Salo on leave until 1.8.2020.)

Other management

Chief Information Officer

Kimmo Nikkanen
Tel. +358 40 560 8020

Secretary Ritva Suojärvi-Mäkinen
Tel. +358 9 7424 5190

Minna Elomaa-Krapu

Innovation Director, Customer-oriented Wellbeing and Health Services

Minna Elomaa-Krapu
Tel. +358 50 532 6331

Mona Roman

Innovation Director,  Functional City for People

Mona Roman
Tel. +358 40 555 1044

Innovation Director, Data Driven Contruction

Vishal Singh

Tel. +358 50 431 5667


Email addresses firstname.surname [at]

Tuire Ranta-Meyer

Director, Stakeholder Relations

Tuire Ranta-Meyer
Tel. +358 50 526 2002

Oscar Nissin

Innovation Director, Smart Mobility

Oscar Nissin
Tel. +358 40 674 8224

Antti Tohka

Innovation Director, Clean and Sustainable Solutions

Antti Tohka
Tel. +358 40 142 4943

The Board of Directors starting 3 June 2020

  • Chairperson Henri Kuitunen, Helsinki
  • Katri Kalske, Vantaa
  • Kirsi-Marja Lievonen, Vantaa
  • Kalevi Ekman, Espoo
  • Harri Rinta-aho, Espoo
  • Tuula Saxholm, Helsinki
  • Liisa Pohjolainen, Helsinki
  • Tomi Hämäläinen, staff representative
  • Hanna Kivimäki, student representative

Advisory councils

Each degree programme in Metropolia has an advisory council with representatives not only from the staff and the students but also from working life. In fact one of the tasks of advisory councils is to create and develop degree programmes' connections with working life.

The purpose of advisory councils is to

  • act as experts in the development of tasks and operations related to curricula, education and other matters concerning the degree programmes
  • create and develop degree programmes' connections with working life
  • give statements, if necessary, on matters concerning the degree programmes and their key staff appointments and acquisitions
  • make initiatives for the development of operations within the scope of the degree programmes.

The advisory councils can also be assigned with other tasks. Advisory councils serve for a term of three years.