Metropolia's guidelines concerning coronavirus

Read about the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

Each of our new campuses will have an operation and innovation platform offering the framework for quick experimentation, testing and piloting and a physical location for new kind of active cooperation between public entities, businesses, organisations and citizens.

Platforms will also play a key role in speeding up learning. The platform will host topical seminars relating to various phenomena and new technologies and renew and update phenomenon and technology expertise according to society's needs.

Wellbeing and Health Services

Flexible wellbeing and health solutions and services from one place, individually and without haste. As a teaching client, you also support the development of the skills of future professionals.


Metropolia UAS and Helsinki region have all the building blocks to build a thriving ecosystem for urban food production and technology for Finnish and international market.

Metropolia Workshop

Metropolia Workshop is unique project workshop for automotive and transportation RDI projects.

Helsinki XR Center

XR Center is an incubator for talent, an inspiring cultural hub of co-creation and learning for artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, students and enthusiasts. The aim is to create an XR hub, where students and other operators can come together with XR experts, collaborators, companies and visitors.