Garage - robotics and artificial intelligence workshops

Garages are workshops where companies can increase their competitiveness and respond to global challenges with the help of robotics, artificial intelligence and new technologies.

Our goal is to be a pioneer in the use of robotics and new technologies. Metropolia develops and applies Industry 4.0 technologies. Robotics (industrial robotics, cobots and mobile robotics), digital twin technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as VR&AR are new applications that are used both in teaching and in various projects.

At the center of the creation are the Myyrmäki campus's Robo and AIoT Garages. They offer a physical location, resources and equipment for quick and longer experiments as well as large-scale implementation projects. In order to speed up operations, a 5G network will also be used for test use in the area.

Robo Garage

Tila parvelta katsottuna, kierreportaat, seinämaalaus sementtiseinässä ja alhaalla kolme höyläpenkkiä.

In the initial phase, Robo Garage focuses on robotics (industrial robotics, cobotics and autonomous robotics) and the digital twin technology that supports this.

Robo Garage offers versatile possibilities for making projects. In the workshop, there are workstations for electronic and electrical projects, wood and metal working, and even 3D printing. At best, we run 20-30 projects at the same time.

AIoT Garage

AIoT Garage focuses on IoT-based data collection and utilization of the collected data using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AIoT Garage offers opportunities for making IoT projects and diving into the world of artificial intelligence. There you can find various embedded systems such as Raspberries, Arduinos and Controllinos. Various machine learning libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras and Sckikit-learn are used. We also use the services of CSC and Google Cloud.

Robo Garage space presentation

A gamified Unreal Engine based video from Robo Garage


As services, we offer an initial survey and a technology workshop, SPIN, as well as projects of three different levels, Summer wind, Lightning project and Big storm.


The digital development of business includes two parts, A+B. Part A is a needs survey, which is used to find development targets for different companies. This is based on the SPIN method (Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff). Part B is a technology workshop, where a technical solution is chosen to implement the selected development target and a mini-demo is made. The technology sprint method is applied here.

Summer wind

Summer wind is a quick technology experiment that lasts 1-3 months. The end result is a simulation and a demo implemented in the laboratory, POC (Proof of Concept). This implementation is the responsibility of 1-3 project groups led by a hired project assistant, supported by Metropolia and other experts.


The Metropolia's expert is responsible for making the project together with the project's project assistant. In the Lightning project, a demo of the Summer wind project is built to the prototype stage. In the 1st phase, a preliminary analysis of the project is made, on the basis of which the specification of requirements is written and the implementation is planned. In the 2nd phase, a large-scale prototype will be built, based on which it can be calculated whether the project should be implemented as an investment project. The prototype is tested under production conditions in the company or in similar Garage workshops.

Big storm

Big storm is a large-scale implementation project. Metropolia's experts together with project assistants and company representatives, as well as technology suppliers, are responsible for making the Big storm projects. The project team is strengthened with students from different universities. Student groups assisting the implementation of the Big storm projects are recruited from Laurea, Haaga-Helia and Aalto, as well as Varia. In addition, experts from the Robotics Association, the Automation Society and the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence act as a support network.

The resulting competence is assembled into MOOC-based competence packages, and the virtual Garage is also profitable. Read more on the website of our Big Flash project (in Finnish only).

In addition, we operate as part of Vantaa's high-tech ARI network Automation Robotics Industry 4.0 - i.e. the ARI network. Read more on the Business Vantaa website.

Videos on case examples

Recycling collector Tintti

The textile recycling collector Tintti was presented at the I love me fair. A case example from the Suvituuli project phase.

Delivery driver Dude

The Pikku Finlandia restaurant used the autonomous Kaveri mobile robot to meet the challenges of the labor shortage. A case example from the Suvituuli project phase.


Big-Flash - Sustainably towards competitiveness

The Big-Flash project develops companies' competitiveness and vitality by promoting the adoption of emerging technologies. We organize training open to everyone and offer the company the opportunity to get to know and try new technological solutions.

Digi-Salama - know-how, competitiveness and networks

The Digi-Salama project implements 25 agile Lightning projects in five digital Industry 4.0 themes in Uusimaa's SMEs. The projects are carried out in the Kärkiklusteri industries of the Vantaa Elinvoima program: logistics, food, circular economy, real estate and production of high expertise.

Roboreel - Resilience and vitality from robotics

The project identified the challenges of industrial and logistics companies in utilizing robotics and software robotics and increased the skills of personnel and companies in future changes.

PalRob - Virtual innovation platform for service robotics

The project created opportunities for the development of service robotics in the welfare sector so that anyone interested can innovate new types of services and robot applications that can be used to develop new business.

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Garage club and studying automation and robotics

Garage club

Garage club is a hobby and competition activity club focusing on robotics and other technology. There you can tinker with mobile robotics indoors and outdoors and fly drones. The platforms will be the AutoJoe Mars Rover and various drones and light aircraft in the initial phase.

The Club offers a framework for self-motivated technical pursuits as well as a few competition blanks in the formula team style. In the 22-23 season, the goal is to participate in a few competitions in Finland and Europe.

Read more about Garage Club

Studying automation and robotics

You can study automation and robotics in the main subjects of mechanical and electrical automation:

See the machine automation curriculum.

See the electrical automation curriculum.

InnoFest event in Myyrmäki campus.


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