Global Education Services

Metropolia's Global Education Services is your reliable partner in education export and international trade. We operate internationally in education export mainly in the following fields of study: Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology.

World-leading higher education system

Finland is one of Scandinavian countries and located in the Northern Europe. Finland is known of its unique cultural attributes and attractions such as Midnight Summer, pure nature with its thousands of lakes and small islands, sauna, and Lapland with all its wonders including the northern lights. Finland is a safe country where everyday life is well functioning, and nature is always close. For the sixth year in a row, Finland ranks as the happiest country in the world in the UN World Happiness report which ranks 156 countries.

The success of the Finnish education is built on highly qualified teachers on all levels of education. Over the past years the Finnish education system and teacher education has gained international recognition through top rankings in the PISA and PIAAC surveys. Finland is very well known for its strong innovation ecosystem. Finland emerges as the eighth most innovative country in the world according to Bloomberg Innovation Index 2021. Furthermore, Finland is ranked first in the Sustainable Development Index comparing 193 UN Member States on 17 Sustainable Development Goals. (Source: Sustainable Development Report 2022).

Commissioned training

Metropolia is a reliable partner in education export and skills development. Metropolia offers customized education and training, consultation, train the trainer services as well as On-demand Diploma and Degree Programs and Top-up Degree Programmes.

These commissioned educational programmes will be entirely funded by the buyer e.g. local government or international organization. Metropolia UAS will not apply charges to the participating students but the buyer may. Commissioned education students are not eligible for the Metropolia scholarships.

On-demand Programmes

Metropolia provides On-demand Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Programmes for student groups. This option extends to any of Metropolia’s entire degree programme offering or selected courses from the curriculum or tailored according to the customer’s needs.

Top-up Degree Programmes

Metropolia offers top-up degrees, where the content of degree programme is tailored according to the recognition of prior learning. This option is aimed at students who have previously completed a related diploma, degree or equivalent. It enables the student to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of a particular topic while at the same time receiving an internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree.


EduExcellence Ltd. is a joint company of three major universities of applied sciences in Finland, Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, to provide services on export of education. EduExcellence Ltd. provides tailor-made degree programmes and other education services to the customers outside Finland. These services are enhanced by co-operation with companies and public-private partnerships.

Our degree programmes

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of culture, business, health care and social services, and technology.

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