Wellbeing and Health Services

Welcome to the wellbeing and health services of HyMy Village. Promoting your well-being and health is at the heart of everything we do, and you get flexible solutions and services from the same place, individually and unhurriedly. You are an expert in your everyday life and, as a teaching client, you also support the development of the skills of future professionals.

What is HyMy-Village?

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' HyMy-Village (Wellbeing from Myllypuro) is a multidisciplinary learning and development environment at Myllypuro campus and based on an ecosystem approach.

In HyMy-Village, which serves as the collaboration platform for the Customer-oriented Wellbeing and Health Services Innovation Hub, innovations and services are created in inspiring collaboration. Students' future skills and expertise needed for the working life are made possible in an authentic learning environment.

In the learning environment, key professional practices of client work, individual service design, conceptualization of new services and innovative development are practiced. The activities of HyMy-Village are multi-professional.

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