Metropolia returns gradually to normal operations - the situation will be confirmed in early August

More information on the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

The operations have been suspended for the time being due to the coronavirus situation. All those who have booked an appointment have been contacted personally. Read more about the impact of the coronavirus situation on Metropolia's operations.

Well-being and health learning environment

Well-being and Health Village is Metropolia’s learning environment for students of well-being and therapy services.

Our students provide the services under supervision, tailored to our clients’ individual needs; no referral from a doctor is required. Our clients comprise individuals of different ages, businesses and institutions.

In addition to therapy and treatment, we also offer counselling, guidance and education to individuals and groups. Health and human wellbeing services to work communities and the elderly are always planned in advance together with our clients.

Wide range of well-being and therapy services

Well-being and Health Village’s strength in client service lies in multi-professional student teams for the client’s best. This means that we can provide genuine overall care for the client, whether it is in assessing the situation, in therapy or follow-up.

The services are carried out by students, and they rely on high-quality research and teaching work. We welcome you as our client! 

Submitted on 23.1.2020 - 10:13