Metropolia's campuses will be opened gradually - as a rule, remote work and studies will continue.

More information on the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

The operations have been suspended for the time being due to the coronavirus situation. All those who have booked an appointment have been contacted personally. Read more about the impact of the coronavirus situation on Metropolia's operations.

Occupational therapy to bring new purpose to life

Occupational therapy students tackle obstacles to daily life and seek solutions in situations in which illness, disability or new life situations make life difficult. Helping clients of various ages to get by their daily lives, having something interesting to do and participating in meaningful activities are key objectives for the work.

Occupational therapy services include

  • running peer support groups
  • evaluating the accessibility of the home and immediate environment
  • helping to use various aids.

Occupational therapy is provided in the customer’s home or immediate environment or in Well-being and Health Village's premises.


Submitted on 22.1.2020 - 15:52