Podiatry Services

Podiatrist taking care of a customer's foot.Podiatry Services

In the podiatry services of HyMy Village, you will be met expertly and without haste by the podiatry students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Our staff, who are health care professionals, are responsible for the services.

  • At the first visit, we will examine the health of your feet with various examinations of your lower limbs and foot.
  • Based on your first visit, we will work together to create a follow-up plan to support your own goals.
  • During the visit, you will also receive additional information and preventive advice regarding foot health.

Your podiatry visit may include, for example, the manufacture of individual support insoles, procedures related to skin and nail changes, guidance of therapeutic training, manual treatment, and examination of the position and alignment of the lower extremities and legs.


HyMy-kylä podiatry's autumn 23's support insole times are overcrowded. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept new appointments.

HyMy-kylä's Osteopathy services can also provide relief in lower limb ailments. Feel free to contact customer service about osteopathy appointments. You can also book an appointment directly from our online appointment booking! (Link in sidebar)

Price list

Students and pensioners receive a 20% discount. Footbalance products are not eligible for a discount. Cancellations must be made at least one day in advance of the scheduled appointment.

If you need custom foot orthoses, ask about free times from our customer service. They are also manufactured by our prosthetics and orthotics students.

ServiceDurationPrice-20 %
First visit60-75 minutes35 €28 €
Follow-up visit60-75 minutes35 €28 €
Individually tailored support insoles (also possible through aid services student)140 €112 €
Quick insoles60 €48 €
Footbalance insoles 120 €-
Small toe orthoses20 €16 €
Large toe orthoses (incl. follow-up visit)40 €32 €
Nail correction (incl. follow-up visit)60 €48 €
Laser treatment for nail fungus (4x sessions)80 €64 €
Iontophoresis for feet sweat (4x sessions)80 €64 €
Manual therapy (4x sessions)80 €64 €
Physical treatment (4x sessions)80 €64 €
Verruca treatment (4x sessions)80 €64 €

What does the Podiatrist do?

Podiatrist is a highly trained expert in the promotion of foot health and the comprehensive examination, treatment and rehabilitation of the lower limb. In her/his profession, she/he makes independent clinical decisions as well as treatment and rehabilitation plans. Podiatrist is an internationally acclaimed profession.

For your benefit

At HyMy Village, our main goal is to provide quality wellbeing and health services without haste and taking into account your individual situation.

Good to know

  • In HyMy-Village you are a client in a learning situation where our students practice, under the supervision of teachers, in addition to their professional skills, e.g. people-centered interaction with clients.
  • The research and rehabilitation plan made for you by our students is always checked and approved by the supervising teachers.
  • During your visit, in addition to the corresponding student, his or her student colleagues may be involved in observing the situation.
  • If you look younger than 13 years old, we will check your age, as under the age of 13 requires parental consent to participate in the activity.

Your feedback is important to us

Our goal is to provide you expert, flexible and personalized service without haste. Your feedback is important to us for the development of our operations and services. Please, give us feedback on the e-form.

HyMy-Village Patient Ombudsman

  • provide information about the client's rights and status
  • advises and, if necessary, assists in issuing a reminder or patient injury report
  • advises on matters related to patients' law

The patient ombudsman does not provide explanations or take a position on treatment decisions or possible treatment damage.

You can submit a contact request to the patient ombudsman by e-mail to potilasasiamies.hymykyla [at] metropolia.fi (potilasasiamies[dot]hymykyla[at]metropolia[dot]fi)


Metropolia has a health insurance for patient injuries covered by the Patient Injury Act. Metropolia also has a general liability insurance for damages taking place in education. The terms and conditions of the liability insurance can be seen in HyMy Village.