Metropolia returns gradually to normal operations - the situation will be confirmed in early August

More information on the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

The operations have been suspended for the time being due to the coronavirus situation. All those who have booked an appointment have been contacted personally. Read more about the impact of the coronavirus situation on Metropolia's operations.

Podiatry improves your health

Podiatry students assess their clients’ movement, and the structures and function of their lower limbs.

Following the examination, clients receive a podiatry diagnosis and a plan that will improve their foot health. To make such a plan and to recommend therapies, the students

  • make note of any skin and nail problems
  • assess any pains and footwear used
  • examine posture
  • gait and the function of joints and muscles.

Podiatry services include

  • foot health inspection
  • self-care guidance
  • treatment of skin and nail problems
  • making and follow-up of individual exercise programme
  • making of toe orthoses and individual insoles
  • and manual therapy of joints and muscles.
Submitted on 22.1.2020 - 15:34