Metropolia Proof Health - pre-clinical testing, validation and verification services

Preclinical testing and research services with expertise

Metropolia Proof Health® provides companies, research institutes and public sector organizations with a modern environment, flexible processes and extensive expertise in preclinical testing, piloting, validation and verification. The facilities also enable other research in the health care and social services sector. We also offer product development and research partnerships as well as regulatory guidance. Metropolia's extensive business networks and cooperation between students, researchers and experts enable partnerships both on the national and international levels, connected to teaching activities.

Facilities for testing and research

In addition to substance-based excellences, the Customer-oriented Wellbeing and Health Services innovation hub has other versatile facilities for more generic testing and research.

360 presentations of Metropolia Proof Health Excellences

Metropolia Proof Health consists of Excellences operating on Metropolia's Myllypuro campus in Helsinki.

Simulation Hospital

An internationally unique, fully equipped and standards-compliant simulation hospital, with e.g. an ambulance, reception facilities, delivery room, operating room and intensive care unit. Simulation Hospital can be used for developing patient / client care in a simulation environment.

Biomechanics and Movement Laboratory

Multidisciplinary expertise in the assessment, research and rehabilitation of mobility, lower limb functioning and biomechanics. The equipment of the laboratory forms a nationally and internationally top-class entity, enabling high-quality research, development and innovation activities for mobility and lower limb functioning.

Excellence for Biomedical Laboratory Science

The Excellence has seven specialized laboratories: clinical physiology, hematology, chemistry, microbiology, molecular genetics, pathology, and sampling room, as well as a virtual 360 ° learning environment. The facilities are designed and equipped with the equipment to carry out the clinical laboratory research process as a whole.

Oral Excellence

The Excellence for Oral Health Care offers researchers, companies and partners a modern 26-seat oral health clinic with equipment and a 360 ° virtual learning environment.

Optometry Center

The high-quality Optometry Center meets international standards related to vision and eye examination. The center has 12 eye examination rooms, all of which have high-quality and comprehensive equipment for vision research and development.

Excellence for Radiography and Radiotherapy

The Excellence provides high-quality facilities and equipment for the development and research of radiographic imaging and radiotherapy methods. E.g. radiation safety and imaging equipment technology can be studied here. In addition to facilities, we offer our expertise in the use of medical radiation and patient safety.

Home Environment and Sensory Room

Home Environment is a learning and research environment that simulates an accessible and safe home. Physical products, operational practices and services for maintaining physical, social and mental functioning are developed in cooperation with companies, housing experts, researchers, customers and students. For example, technological solutions, devices and innovations that promote individual functionality and home safety can be tested in the premises.

The Sensory Room is a learning and action environment with tools and products related especially to children's sensory integration therapy and sensorimotor functioning. In this space it is possible, for example, to test services and physical products related to early childhood education.

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Ethical principles

Metropolia is committed to the guidelines of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK):

  • Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland. Guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity 2012
  • The ethical principles of research with human participants and ethical review in the human sciences in Finland. Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK guidelines 2019

Metropolia is also committed to:

  • Declaration for open science and research 2020-2025, Open Science Coordination in Finland, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, 2020
  • Ethical recommendations for thesis writing at universities of applied sciences, The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, 2020
  • Smart openness: 3UAS’s joint policy, promises and principles for an open operational culture, The strategic alliance of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, 2017
  • Open Access statement by The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, 2009

In international collaboration, Metropolia follows ALLEA’s (All European Academies) European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2017). (pdf)

In medical research involving human subjects, including research on identifiable human material and data, Metropolia follows the Declaration of Helsinki (World Medical Association, 1964, latest revision 2013.)

Research integrity, research ethics and the Health Testbed Excellence platform

In research or test activities carried out in the Metropolia Proof Health platform, the ethical questions focus on the interaction between the researcher and the research participant, as well as protecting the privacy and personal data versus openness of research (openness of process, research data and publications).

If there is any potential harm that may be caused to the people participating the research due to the research or its results, the project in question undergoes ethical review prior to gathering data. If the project is medical research as defined by law (Medical Research Act 488/1999), the ethical review is carried out by the ethics committee of medical research. In human sciences, an ethical review is carried out in The Human Sciences Ethics Committee of the Helsinki Region Universities of Applied Sciences. Th

Research participants are informed if the research data will be opened (what data, if it is anonymous or pseudonymous, and where it will be archived etc.) Openness of research data is considered at the planning stage of each project or test activity. The data management plan, containing a description of the processing of personal data throughout the lifespan of the project, is made with DMPTuulionline tool. There are guidelines, DMPworkshops, data support, and a model of data management available at Metropolia. When collecting, preserving and opening research data, only reliable services and software used.

The protection of the research participants privacy and people who have provided information for the research, must also be considered in research publications. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Ensuring the safety and performance of medical devices is highly regulated. The Medical Device Directives set out procedures to be followed by national authorities.

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

European Commission Public Health Directives

Openness of research

Metropolia is committed to the Open Access statement by The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, which means that all scientific articles written by personnel of Metropolia should simultaneously published in the Open Repository, Theseus.

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Metropolia Proof Health -services are located in Metropolia's Myllypuro campus

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