Basic Information

Degree title
Bachelor of Engineering
Duration / Date(s)
4 years
240 ects credits
Next application period: 4 Jan - 18 Jan 2023
Study places
Price / Tuition fee
Applicants from EU/EEA: Free of charge, Non-EU/EEA applicants: 12.000 € for those whose right to study starts before 1 August 2022 and 11.000 € for those whose right to study starts after 31 July 2022


Studying electronics in a truly multicultural environment in Metropolia UAS gives you a perfect start towards an international career in a challenging and fast developing field of technology. The degree gives you a solid basis to work as an engineer anywhere in the world in various positions.


Your studies in the Degree Programme in Electronics include extensive core requirement studies in natural sciences and a diverse range of electronics professional studies.

You can specialise in the following areas of electronics, among others: embedded systems, sensors, wireless telecommunications, and electronics and EMC. Professional qualifications are supplemented with project management, language and communication and IT studies.

You will become familiar with intercultural aspects due to the multi-cultural study environment and student community.

See what Maxim tells about his experiences in Electronics programme.

Career Prospects

By studying electronics in Metropolia you can become an expert for example in designing and implementing wireless sensor systems for environmental control and energy efficient housing. As electronics engineer you will work for example as an electronics designer in a research laboratory with other specialists. You and your team design electronic circuits for different applications.

You could also work in the factories manufacturing and testing devices. As an engineer you can be a manager running a team of specialists responsible for the manufacture. In this role the environmental issues are also strongly emphasized. As electronics engineer you can also work in the actual use, sales and marketing of the devices, since many of the devices are so complex that the deep knowledge of the engineer is needed in these activities.

Studying electronics in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences gives you the keys to succeed in any of these interesting fields.

Students' stories

Ilia Kempi

How did I choose my study place?

I've always been interested in electronics and information technology, since my childhood. When question has risen to study in Finnish university, I have found Metropolia website as one of the most informative. To tell the truth I saw there model entrance exam for engineering field, and have found it really challenging.

Highlights and challenges of my studies:

Campus atmosphere and people are actual highlights of my studies. Each of our teachers has its own teaching style, and every lesson experience really differs from one another. This makes studies not boring but somehow saturated and pleasant. Our campus has vintage look and is packed with a lots of electrical equipment, just to be there sets your mind in the right mood. It is actually inspiring. For challenges I must say it is all about projects. No challenge in daily workload, as it is meant to be this way. Working on the project is genuine creative activity. You make something from scratch, any way you want, and really few things are limiting you. And outcome is directly proportional to knowledge and traits of your team.

My future plans:

I'm looking forward to visit some other countries as an exchange student. My main goal is Japan, I am fond of Japanese culture and martial arts. It is hard to say how I see my own future after graduation. I hope to continue my studies and find a good job as an engineer, preferably design of electronic components or something like that. I feel that at this point exact profession is not to be decided yet.

What I want to say to you who is considering studies in my field?

Studying in electronics gives you ability to create, to craft. The more you know, more free in this you get. There are so many ways you can play this game, and even more which we don't know yet. This is developing field, it continues to evolve even today, while we are studying it.