Instructions for requesting a rectification of a decision concerning student selections

A person who has applied to become a student of Metropolia may present a written appeal to the Legal Protection Board of Metropolia within fourteen (14) days as of the publication date of the admissions results. Admission Services of Metropolia (admissions [at] (admissions[at]metropolia[dot]fi)) gives advice on admission decisions and appealing procedure. Any existing results of student admissions shall not be amended detrimentally due to an appeal.

An applicant dissatisfied with the decision by the Legal Protection Board of Metropolia may appeal to the Administrative Court of Helsinki within thirty (30) days as of receiving the decision.

Appellate authority

Legal Protection Committee of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Ltd
Registry Office
Myllypurontie 1, FI-00920 Helsinki
P.O. BOX 4000, FI-00079 Metropolia, Finland

Telephone: Registry Office +358 50 304 8167
email: kirjaamo [at] (kirjaamo[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

The documents concerning the request for rectification may be submitted, at the sender's own risk, by post or through a courier. Any delays due to the postal service will not eliminate the sender's responsibility to submit the documents on time.

The request for rectification must state the following

  • The name, profession, domicile and postal address of the person requesting rectification;
  • the decision for which rectification is requested and the date on which this decision was received;
  • the extent to which the decision is appealed against and the requested changes to the decision;
  • grounds for the request;
  • signature. If the person requesting rectification has authorised a representative to lodge the request on his or her behalf, the representative's signature is sufficient.