If you need individual arrangements in an entrance examination (e.g. extra time, technical aid, or other special arrangement) due to an injury, illness, reading disability, or other special reason, you must submit an application for the individual arrangements.

Application for the individual arrangements must be sent:

  • in separate applications by sending an e-mail (secure mail) to admissions [at] metropolia.fi no later than 7 days after submitting the application at Studyinfo.fi

If an obstacle requiring individual arrangements arises or is discovered after the application deadline, you must contact the Admission Services immediately. Applications sent after this deadline will only be considered in acute cases if possible. Metropolia needs reasonable time to consider and arrange the special arrangement and therefore, individual arrangements cannot be granted if the request arrives at too short notice.

An application for individual arrangement in the entrance examination must be submitted to all the universities of applied sciences where you are taking an entrance examination at. Therefore, if you are taking your entrance examination somewhere else than in Metropolia, please contact the UAS where you are taking the exam.

Application attachments

You must attach copies of attestations that support your request (e.g. medical certificate or equivalent statement on the nature of your disease or disability, or certificate on dyslexia or learning difficulty). Those who request support measures, such as additional time, on the grounds of dyslexia have to attach a statement of a trained special needs teacher, an expert psychologist, speech therapist or specialist medical doctor (e.g. child neurologist, neurologist or phoniatrician). The statement shall indicate that you need support measures for taking the exam due to dyslexia. The UAS may accept an equivalent decision made by The Finnish Matriculation Examination Board ("ylioppilastutkintolautakunta") if it contains the granted support measures.

The validity of statements is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the persistence of disability, disease or learning difficulty. For dyslexia, only statements that have been obtained at the age of 16 or later are considered. Do not send original certificates but be prepared to present the originals at the start of your studies should you become accepted to the study programme. Information related to your health shall be kept secret (Section 24, Act on the Openness of Government Activities).

Notification of the individual arrangements

Metropolia will notify you well before the entrance examination to which individual arrangements you are entitled.

Notice of the individual arrangements for the entrance examination is specific to the entrance examination and is valid only on a specific date.

If, for any reason, individual arrangements cannot be made in accordance with the application of the applicant, Metropolia shall in such case send a written notice to the applicant stating the reasons.


If you are dissatisfied with the arrangements set out in the notice, please contact Metropolia's Student and Admission Services immediately. Metropolia may rectify the previous decision if necessary. Once you received the final student selection decision on the joint application, you may then appeal against the granted arrangements as part of the general appeal process.