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The Application on the Basis of Metropolia’s Open UAS Studies is aimed at those who have completed open UAS studies at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Studies are considered to be Metropolia's if they are entered in the Metropolia's study register, and open studies if they have not been completed with the right to study for the degree-leading education.

The next application period for studies starting in autumn 2021 will begin on 1 May 2021 at 8 am (local time in Finland).

Degree Programmes

Preliminary information on the degree programmes available via the Application on the Basis of Metropolia’s Open UAS Studies, changes possible until the beginning of the application period. Number of study places will be published at by the beginning of the application period.

The degree programmes listed below are conducted in English. Information on degree programmes conducted in Finnish can be found on the Finnish language page.

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, European Business Administration, full-time studies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business and Logistics, full-time studies
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics, full-time studies
  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, full-time studies
  • Bachelor of Social Services, Social Services, full-time studies

Master's Degree Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration, Business Informatics
  • Master of Business Administration, Health Business Management
  • Master of Business Administration, Procurement
  • Master of Engineering, Business Informatics
  • Master of Engineering, Health Business Management
  • Master of Engineering, Industrial Management
  • Master of Engineering, Information Technology
  • Mster of Social Services and/or Health Care, Health Business Management

Application Instructions

The next application period starts on May 1, 2021 at 8:00. Application instructions will be published by the beginning of the application period.