Social Services, Bachelor's Degree


Degree title
Bachelor of Social Services
Duration / Date(s)
3,5 years
210 ECTS
Next application period:
3 Jan – 17 Jan 2024
Study places
Price / Tuition fee
Tuition fees might apply
See our student Chrish's experience of studying Social Services in Metropolia.

Bachelor of Social Services

As a Bachelor of Social Services you are qualified to work with various client groups. Provision of services and client work is seen through a social pedagogical framework. The work may consist of supporting clients in their home or community settings, co-ordination of services, or supportive guidance and assistance.

Work may take place with families and people of all ages in areas such as: child protection, early childhood education, community work, substance abuse prevention or promotion of mental health. The curriculum, based on a social pedagogical framework focuses on empowering citizens, preventing marginalization and promoting inclusion and social pluralism.

Working as a Bachelor of Social Services requires multi-disciplinary education, collaborative skills and an ability to examine and develop oneself and one's field. As you move through the degree programme, you will take part in thematic learning processes such as: expanding knowledge of Social Pedagogy, collaboration with working life partners and investigative development within social services. The learning methods may include: individual learning, group work and project learning. As a student you can participate in international activities in various ways at different stages of your studies.

The student has a possibility to engage in additional studies to obtain a qualification to work as a Bachelor of Social Services in the field of Early Childhood Education (Varhaiskasvatuksen sosionomi) i.e. certain studies have to be chosen that are related to early childhood education.


Instruction is offered in English with opportunities to gain real-world Finnish as part of internships and theory courses. Therefore, as part of the studies, graduates are expected to attain a level B1 in the Finnish language in order to facilitate their employment in the Helsinki region. Finnish language will be built into the courses as the student progresses through the curriculum. Those who already master Finnish at a native level, will have the opportunity to develop their language mentoring skills.

Work placements consist of four periods during studies. Placements are offered in various working environments.

Learning Environment

Faculty members of the degree programme are pedagogically qualified teachers who have experience teaching in English. The English tuition degree programme at Metropolia is one of the most experienced in Finland. The degree programme annually invites guest lecturers to enrich the programme. Teaching is mainly Campus-based. Teaching methods include for example, lectures, discussions, group work, learning assignments, projects, workshops, e-learning and independent studies.

You will be part of a multicultural student group. Although the majority of students are Finnish, there are some 15 other nationalities represented in the entire degree programme student group.

International Activities

As a student of the degree programme you will have many opportunities to join in international activities.

The degree programme is in partnership with a number of universities and institutions of higher education in many European countries, Africa, Asia and the USA. Activities include student and staff exchanges, international projects and intensive week programmes.

A majority of the degree programme students participate in some exchange programme and complete either the second or third placement in another country.

Scholarships and tuition fees

Annual tuition fee for non-EU/EEA applicants 11 000 €.

This fee applies only to non-EU/EEA degree students.

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