The Helsinki Metropolitan area is a fun place to live in, but finding suitable accommodation in the capital region can be challenging.

There is a lot of competition in affordable housing, so it is important to start searching for a room many months prior to arrival. Look into different options and make sure that you have reserved accommodation before you arrive.

Metropolia does not have housing services to offer. Thus it is the student's responsibility to find an accommodation for the period of their studies.

When looking for an apartment, note that the Helsinki region has an excellent public transportation network. Use the HSL Journey Planner to check the locations of different accommodation options.

Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region - HOAS

Many students of Metropolia live in Hoas’s (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region) apartments. A full time degree student in the capital area can apply for a room in a shared apartment, a studio apartment, a two-room apartment, a roomie apartment or a family apartment after being admitted to a school.

The affordable rent includes water and in some apartments electricity, too. In addition, there is a free internet connection and usually a common sauna and laundry room as well.

Hoas apartments are situated near campuses or within good public transportation connections in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. See the locations of the properties on a map

There are several Hoas properties near Metropolia campuses, for example:

  • Arabia Campus: several properties in Toukola, Kumpula and Viikki. Great public transportation connections from further locations, too.
  • Karaportti Campus: Juusintie property in Kauniainen very near and several properties in Kilo and Leppävaara. Good connections from Kiltakallio and Kirkkojärvi, too.
  • Myllypuro Campus: Several properties within quick and easy connections. Check out at least Mellunmäki, Kivikko, Kontula, Kurkimäki, Itäkeskus, Pukinmäki and Malmi.
  • Myyrmäki Campus: Three properties in Myyrmäki. In addition several properties in Malminkartano, Kannelmäki and Hakuninmaa.

More information about applying and different apartment types on Hoas website

HOAS for Degree and Exchange Students

Private Market

You can also search for accommodation on the private market. However, it might be very difficult to find affordable accommodation, especially if you are an exchange student looking for furnished accommodation for a short period of time.

In the Helsinki Metropolitan area there are relatively few rental apartments available and the rents are high (appr. 600-800 euros/month/studio) even if you live outside the city centre of Helsinki - furniture, water, electricity and Internet connection are not included in the rent either. The highest demand for affordable housing is at the beginning of each semester, so start looking months in advance.

Be cautious in accepting a rental apartment from a private owner without seeing it though – there are scams and fake advertisements in the market.

Please note that Metropolia cannot offer any assistance in finding accommodation from the private market.

Temporary Housing Options

Many companies in the Helsinki region rent out furnished apartments or rooms in apartment hotels for a temporary stay, for example:

For hostels and other options, see for example: