Nursing, Bachelor's Degree

Basic Information

Degree title
Bachelor of Health Care
Duration / Date(s)
3,5 years
210 ECTS
Next application period: 3 Jan – 17 Jan 2024
Study places
Price / Tuition fee
Free of charge: Applicants from EU/EEA, Annual tuition fee: 11 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants

Are you interested in becoming a nurse and studying in English?

As a nurse, you will work in a valued profession with customers of different ages, promoting their health and well being and treating their illnesses. You will get an opportunity to work in multidisciplinary, cross-occupational, national and international environments.

In the Degree Programme in Nursing, you will study in English in a multicultural student group. Metropolia has more than 20 years of experience in educating nurses in English language.

The multicultural and international study group will provide an enriching "cultural immersion" . Our lecturers are experienced in education of different field of nursing, possessing versatile international and multicultural expertise in nursing.

The education will open up excellent job opportunities both in Finland and abroad. After completing the degree, you will possess a nurse's qualification in accordance with EU directives.

Nurses have good employment and further education opportunities

The core of your work is to guide, support, care and rehabilitate people with different illnesses in cooperation with other health care professionals and patients family. Your job also includes teaching, planning, development project, management and various expert tasks.

You may work in a hospital, home nursing, various rehabilitation and nursing homes or medical center. In addition, the nurse's degree will enable you to work as an expert or consultant, with non-profit organisations or in international duties.

Nursing studies

The studies consist of basic studies, professional studies, elective studies, a Bachelor's thesis and supervised clinical practices. Our focus is on evidence-based clinical nursing where you strengthen your clinical skills required in your future profession. Before clinical practices you will practice your practical skills in clinical laboratories, simulated learning environments with diverse methods and modern equipment.

On Myllypuro campus you will be studying in globally unique learning environments, including simulation spaces for an ambulance, emergency care and reception, midwifery, an operating room and intensive care. You also get to practice pharmacotherapy and nursing of children, and so on. See a 360 tour of our simulation spaces (in Finnish).

When starting studies, you will prepare an individual study plan (ISP) based on your curriculum, the recognition of your prior learning and your personal development needs, which may shorten the length of your studies.

Your will study full-time and usually on weekdays, possible also on the evenings. Your studies will include theoretical teaching, various practical assignments, web-based studies, independent and group studies and various workshops. You will also carry out written assignments in each course. In addition, every Metropolia student will complete multidisciplinary innovation project studies (10 credits) with other students from various degree programmes.

Clinical practice and Bachelor's thesis

About one third of the nursing studies consists of clinical practice, which mostly takes place in various care and operating environments in the health care and social services sector. There are clinical practice periods in every term. Please take into consideration that you may have to work in three shifts in many places where you will be carrying out your clinical training.

The clinical practices take place in Finnish language environments. Therefore fluency in Finnish language is required at least in level B1 in the entrance examination. Also the curriculum includes Finnish language studies for international students.

Your degree will include a Bachelor's thesis (15 credits), which is usually carried out in pairs in one of Metropolia's workplace-oriented projects.

International aspects in the studies

Metropolia offers extensive opportunities for international student exchange. You can complete a part of your clinical practices and theoretical studies abroad in Europe, Africa and Asia, and also in Canada. You can also take part in Metropolia's international activities in various ways, for example by attending international intensive courses or participating in different international projects.

Students' stories

Nursing student Ben Gran

Nursing student Ben Gran tells about his experiences and studies in Metropolia.

Nursing students Nadezda, Aiste and Milena

Video is shot in our previous facilities in 2016.

Carolyne, Master of Health Care

Carolyne graduated from Degree Programme in Nursing and continued her studies in Health Business Management Master's Programme.