Health Care Diagnostics, Master's Degree

Basic Information

Degree title
Master of Health Care and/or Social Services
Duration / Date(s)
2 years
Next application period: 3 Jan – 17 Jan 2024
Price / Tuition fee
Tuition fees might apply

Master's Degree for biomedical laboratory scientists and radiographers

Diagnostic professionals like biomedical laboratory scientists and radiographers act in the interphase of patients and fast developing technology. Master’s degree in Health Care Diagnostics is targeted for bachelor level biomedical laboratory scientists and radiographers working or having worked in whatever areas of laboratory services, diagnostic or therapeutic radiography.

Why to study Health Care Diagnostics in Metropolia?

What kinds of competences does the education produce for you?

This degree programme gives you competences on developing quality of modern diagnostic services, managing them and working in international contexts.

How do you study during the programme?

You may perform all your studies online using synchronous and asynchronous online learning. However we also can offer a brand new Myllypuro campus facilities for common on site lectures and seminars.

What Will You Study?

During your studies you will acquire advanced level competences

  • on research and development activities
  • quality management of clinical laboratory/radiography services
  • basics of health technology assessment
  • managing artificial intelligence and robotics based services in healthcare diagnostics
  • clinical laboratory science/clinical radiography science

You will also study designing and managing modern diagnostic services.

Realising studies

Studies comprise syncronous e-learning and/or on-site lectures and workshops, independent online learning, group work and independent studies. Studies happen mainly at daily time. Mandatory contact studies are scheduled in good time before they start so that it would be possible to realize them also aside of work. Studies start in the beginning of September 2024.

For what kinds of jobs does this education give you competences?

The education gives you good skills and competences for front-line managerial, quality managerial and marketing posts as well as for different types of clinical expertise and service development jobs. In addition the education gives you excellent preparedness by substance to apply for professional teacher education.

Note that passing this programme does not give the right to practice the profession of biomedical laboratory scientist or radiographer in Finland. In case a person wishes to get the certification, it must be applied separately from National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

Scholarships and tuition fees

Annual tuition fee

  • 12 000 for those, whose right of study starts before 1 August 2024
  • 12 500 € for those, whose right of study starts after 31 July 2024.

This fee applies only to non-EU/EEA degree students.

Read more on tuition fees and scholarships

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Next intake for Health Care Diagnostics Master Degree takes place in January 2024.

The programme has intakes every second year.