Procurement, Master of Business Administration

Basic Information

Degree title
Master of Business Administration
Duration / Date(s)
2 years
Next application period: 3 Jan – 17 Jan 2024
Price / Tuition fee
Tuition fees might apply

Enhance your competence as a procurement professional

Master's Degree Programme in Procurement is a degree for students who want to enhance their competence as a procurement and sourcing professional and learn to analyze and develop the procurement and sourcing function to serve the goals and strategies of a company. The overall goals are to learn about driving value through the supply chain to the end customer, how procurement can be turned into a strategic function, how technology can be utilized as an enabler of effective supply management, how sustainability and collaboration are at the core of procurement and sourcing functions and how to sell the business case of procurement to the rest of the organization.

After your studies you have gained the needed theoretical and applied knowledge, skills, and competencies to manage and develop company's external resources, supplier relationships, procurement process and procurement organization. In addition to procurement specific competencies, you enhance your leadership and business competencies.

Master students of Procurement study on a part-time basis. Students achieve their degree in 2 years. The programme is organized fully online. It has been designed to meet the needs of students who prefer distance learning or want to achieve a Master's Degree while working. This is implemented with help of modern online learning solutions which enable interaction with teachers, other students, and staff. Online contact teaching is organized mainly in the evenings at 17 - 20 EET and on Saturdays. There will be also a possibility to join the Orientation day and start of the semester at Myyrmäki campus in Finland.

Read more about remote studies in Procurement MBA from the student perspective in Metropolia Masterminds blog written by one of our graduates.

Master of Business Administration, Procurement, 90 ECTS

Research and Development Methods & Professional Growth 10 ECTS

  • Research and Development Methods 5 ECTS (1st semester)
  • Professional Growth 5 ECTS (1st semester)

Professional Procurement Studies 30 ECTS

  • Procurement Strategy 5 ECTS (1st semester)
  • Collaboration and Influencing Skills 5 ECTS (1st semester)
  • Procurement Performance Management 5 ECTS (2nd semester)
  • Supplier Relationships and Innovation 5 ECTS (2nd semester)
  • Procurement Technology 5 ECTS (2nd semester)
  • Sustainability 5 ECTS (3rd semester)

Alternative Advanced Professional Business Studies 10 ECTS (2nd-4th semester)

  • Project Management 5 ECTS (spring)
  • Circular Economy 5 ECTS (fall)
  • Service Design 5 ECTS (summer offering)
  • Quality Management 5 ECTS (spring)

Electives 10 ECTS (2nd- 4th semester)

  • Master’s level courses

Master’s Thesis 30 ECTS (1st- 4th semester)

In addition to Advanced professional studies in procurement the courses about research and development methods provide students the basis for carrying out applied research projects. Advanced professional studies provide other necessary knowledge and skills to follow the professional development of the field, both from research and practical viewpoints. You will learn also about emotional intelligence and self-leadership to unlock your full potential at work and in life. Pls see the course descriptions and curricula from study guide.

You will plan and implement a Research & Development project in a real business context, typically at own place of work. In doing so, you research, project management and change leadership skills will be enhanced. Networking, team and negotiation skills will be improved in the multi-cultural, tied-to-business setting in which this Master’s DP in Procurement is carried out. You will report your RDI development project as a Master’s Thesis combining your development work with academic research.

Procurement Studies

Preliminary days for contact teaching 2023 - 2024:

Autumn semester 2023

  • Orientation to Procurement studies: 31.8
  • Research Methods and Skills: 1.9, 19.9, 31.10, 14.11
  • Procurement Strategy: 1.9, 11.9, 25.9, 9.10
  • Professional Growth: 24.10, 7.11, 25.11, 5.12
  • Collaboration and Influencing Skills: 25.10, 15.11, 29.11

Spring semester 2024

  • Procurement Performance Management: 15.1, 29.1, 12.2, 4.3
  • Procurement Technology: 23.1, 6.2, 27.2, 12.3
  • Supplier Relationships and Innovation: 19.3, 2.4, 16.4, 7.5

How can I apply?

The joint application for Procurement Programme starts on January 2023 (local time in Finland). Information is available in Studyinfo.

Study Procurement through Open UAS

You study Procurement also through Open University of Applied Sciences. The extent of Procurement Open path studies 15 ECTS. Enrollment for the paths starting Autumn 2023 will open in June 2023. Read more about Open UAS studies.

Scholarships and tuition fees

Annual tuition fee

  • 11 000 for those, whose right of study starts before 1 August 2024
  • 11 500 € for those, whose right of study starts after 31 July 2024.

This fee applies only to non-EU/EEA degree students.

Read more on tuition fees and scholarships