Developing Procurement Function

Are you the next procurement professional? This 15 ECTS study module enables you to update knowledge and skills needed when working in procurement and sourcing. After completion of this study module you are welcome to apply to become a degree student in Procurement Master's programme.

Basic Information

Duration / Date(s)
Next application period: 1.10.2023 - 7.1.2024
Price / Tuition fee
225 €

Target Audiencestudents

Developing Procurement Function studies are suitable for you, if you

  • have sufficient prior knowledge and skills in the field of business (e.g. an applicable bachelor's degree) and work experience gained in the relevant field
  • want to improve your expertise in procurement
  • are interested in career in procurement
  • want to study in an international fully online environment


Developing Procurement Function -study module includes three fully online Master's level courses:

Procurement Performance Management

Online teaching

  • Mondays 15.1, 29.1, 12.2, 4.3 at 17.00 - 20.00


The student is able to

  • identify the role of different internal and external stakeholders in the procurement process.
  • analyze and develop the performance management for operational procurement process and strategic procurement.
  • set a target level for supplier performance and create effective and sustainable supplier requirements.
  • create effective ways to measure the performance of the procurement organization and suppliers and develop meaningful KPI’s for both.
  • apply sustainable procurement principles in supplier performance management.
  • apply the content of the relevant quality management rules and standards in procurement.
  • encourage the suppliers in developing their quality management systems.


  • Procurement process
  • Procurement organization’s effectiveness & competence
  • Supplier performance management
  • Quality management in procurement
  • Development of suppliers' quality management

Procurement Technology

Online teaching

  • Tuesdays 23.1, 6.2, 27.2, 12.3 at 17.00 - 20.00


The student acknowledges the value of supply market intelligence in procurement and is able to evaluate

  • the potential changes caused by digitalization to procurement and draw practical conclusions from the procurement technology landscape.
  • the automation needs of procurement, to understand procure- to-pay- process design and to make recommendations on full-house-suite or best-of-breed solutions.
  • where relevant data to support decision-making in procurement can be obtained and to utilize the data effectively in a practical setting.

The student is able to

  • analyze supply markets with advanced tools and information sources.
  • utilize procurement analytics in identifying opportunities and potential for savings, in risk management, and in forecasting.
  • make effective use of procurement analytics in performance management and benchmarking.
  • identify suitable tools for driving supply chain sustainability.
  • Content

  • Data management and data strategy
  • Procurement digitalization
  • Procurement analytics
  • Supply market intelligence
  • Metrics and dashboards

Supplier Relationships and Innovation

Online teaching

  • Tuesdays 19.3, 2.4, 16.4, 7.5 at 17.00 - 20.00


The student understands the principles of category management and can apply supplier relationship management strategy to suitable procurement categories. The student is able to

  • apply the central theories, models and tools for developing the procurement function.
  • create a risk map and gap-analysis and find development topics in procurement.
  • create effective risk management strategies for procurement.
  • evaluate possibilities for early supplier involvement (ESI) in new product development and understands the importance of stakeholder management in ESI.


  • Category management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Risk Management
  • Early supplier involvement in new product development

Time and location

All courses are conducted fully online.

  • Procurement Performance Management / 15.1, 29.1, 12.2, 4.3 at 17.00 - 20.00
  • Procurement Technology / 23.1, 6.2, 27.2, 12.3 at 17.00 - 20.00
  • Supplier Relationships and Innovation / 19.3, 2.4, 16.4, 7.5 at 17.00 - 20.00


Price of the study module is 225 €.


Enrollment time for the Developing Procurement Function study module is 1.10.2023 at 8:00 - 7.1.2024 at 23:59. Enroll to the studies in Open UAS enrollment system.

Before enrolling, please read the Open UAS study guidelines and the Open UAS terms of payment and cancellation. For more information on the general prerequisites (language skills, study skills), see the Open UAS website Language skills and other requirements.

Apply to Become a Degree Student

This study module consist of 15 ECTS of Professional Procurement Studies. After completion of these 15 ECTS with good grades (min. 3,0 GPA) you are welcome to apply to become a degree student through a separate application process in 2024. Check the application instructions for the Application on the Basis of Metropolia's Open UAS studies.

Contact Person

Kaija Haapasalo, Head of Degree Programme
kaija.haapasalo [at], tel. +358 40 098 8529