Open UAS - Terms of Payment and Cancellation

When you enrol for open UAS studies, the enrolment is always considered binding. Upon enrolment, you commit to these Terms of Payment and Cancellation.

You are granted the right to study for a limited time and limited content. The right to study cannot be transferred to another study module or course or postponed until the next academic year.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to change the information provided in the teaching plans.

Data on the students of the Open UAS are saved in the student information system of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, see the Privacy Notice.


The Open UAS fees are based on the amounts specified in the Government Decree on Fees Charged by the Universities of Applied Sciences (1440/2014, section 1) which states that Open UAS fees can be 45 per credit point. At Metropolia, Open UAS studies cost between 0-45€ per credit point, typically priced at 25€ per credit point or less. You can view the exact cost of studies in the course details when enrolling.

Payment can be made either at the time of registration or by invoice. Invoices are sent via mail in Finland and via e-mail to abroad.

If you do not pay the invoice by the due date, we will send you a payment reminder for which we will charge collection fees in accordance with the Act on Debt Collection (513/1999). The fees of the Open UAS, including any interest and expenses, are based on public law, which means their collection may be enforced without a court ruling or decision.


You can pay for individual courses when you enroll or they can be invoiced on a single invoice.

Paths and study modules

You can pay for path and study module when you enroll or they can be invoiced in two installment. The first invoice is sent via mail at the beginning of the studies and the second invoice 4 months after the start of the studies.

If a path or study module includes a separate selection procedure, you will be obliged to pay and you will be charged only after your selection has been confirmed and you have accepted the study place. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be obliged to pay and you will be charged only after you have accepted a study place that becomes available.


All cancellations must be made using the cancellation link provided in the message confirming your enrolment. For refunds and cancellation of invoices, you must contact avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]metropolia[dot]fi) immediately after cancelling your studies.

Cancellations of individual courses and NonStop studies:

Enrolment for individual courses and all NonStop studies, including NonStop paths, is binding and you cannot cancel it free of charge. The fee must be paid in full.

Cancellations of path and study module:

You can cancel your enrolment for path or study module, except for NonStop path or NonStop module, free of charge at least 7 days before the studies begin. If you cancel later than this, we will charge the fee for the academic term that has already begun. The fee for NonStop studies must be paid in full.


  • You can cancel your enrolment for an individual course free of charge if you receive a study place in a degree at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences or for a study path or study module at Metropolia's Open UAS, as long as you cancel before the start of the course.
  • If you apply for an exemption from the fee for health reasons, an exemption may be granted based on a medical certificate. A condition for the exemption is that the medical condition recorded on the medical certificate prevents the completion of the studies. Exemptions from fees for health reasons are considered on a case-by-case basis. In path and study module, an exemption may also be granted on the basis of parental leave.

If Metropolia University of Applied Sciences cancels the studies, no fee will be charged and any fees already paid will be refunded. As a general rule, studies are cancelled only for a compelling reason.