Business Development, Master's Programme

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Development offered by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences consists of practically oriented post-graduate studies. This Master's Programme is implemented in Finnish.

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Development expands and deepens the business competences needed in demanding expert, development and/or managerial positions. Upon graduation, the student shows evidence of being capable of analyzing global business environment and his/her own business sector, as well as one's ability to plan and implement demanding change projects in business life or other organizations, with sufficient research approach and according to sustainable development principles. S/he is able to act as an innovative change agent and in superior positions in a responsible manner.

The students selected to study for a Master's degree should have a good ability to complete the education in two years. The entrance requirements consist of an applicable Bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences, or an equivalent higher education degree, two years of valid professional work experience in the field of study and a passed entrance examination or evaluation depending on the selected programme. The entrance evaluation of the Business Development Master's programme is made on the basis of a preliminary job-related development plan prepared by the candidate.

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Development consists of

  • Development and Management Studies, 30 ECTS
  • Special Themes in Business Management, 15 ECTS (from selection)
  • Elective studies 15 ECTS
  • Master’s Thesis 30 ECTS

Development and Management Studies increase the student's analytical and methodological competencies, the student’s abilities to recognize and anticipate changes in business environments as well as her/his abilities to respond to these changes in different business environments. The student expands her/his leadership and managerial skills with the offered knowledge, insights and tools.

Special Themes in Business Management improves the student’s organizational and business skills from various viewpoints according to the student’s personal career needs. The Elective Studies are chosen from an extensive offering of Master level studies, both in Finnish and in English.

The Master's Thesis is a development task, carried out as a project in the student's workplace or other partner organization. Its progress is reported in seminars and supervision meetings throughout the study period. .

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Raisa Varsta
Head of Degree
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Nea Kivekäs
Coordinator of Master's Degree Programmes in Business
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