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Electronics manufacturing and R&D services

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  • Comprehensive electronics manufacturing
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  • Repair and maintenance expertise
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  • R&D services and tailored solutions
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Electria Factory is an electronics manufacturing plant of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Run by professionals, Electria Factory is located at the Myyrmäki campus

The customers of Electria Factory include large-scale and small-scale enterprises as well as private individuals. The scale of our operation is from one-off production to some thousands.

Electria Factory cooperates with the different degree programmes of Metropolia UAS, producing highly skilled professional for the needs of the industrial field.

Contact us and describe your needs, so we can tailor a solution that fits your requirements!

Mydata M9 device
Mydata M9 device
Repair station

Our Services, Processes & Devices


Production line use (including staff members)170 € / h
Repair services at the repair station120 € / h
Manual welding, soldering and brazing80 € / h
X-Ray examination and analysis180 € / h

Pricing for environmental testing and other planning services are determined case-by-case.

Contact us and to discuss your specific needs and receive a customized quote!

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Whether it's a minor repair need or a product development project, the Electria Factory expert team is ready to support you at every stage.

Production Technician

Bengt Wickström

Bengt Wickström
+358 40 577 3073
bengt.wickstrom [at] metropolia.fi (bengt[dot]wickstrom[at]metropolia[dot]fi)


Bengt Wickström

Ossi Tuononen
+358 50 346 4459
ossi.tuononen [at] metropolia.fi (ossi[dot]tuononen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

R&D Services

Bengt Wickström

Sampo Nurmentaus
+358 40 776 9772
sampo.nurmentaus [at] metropolia.fi (sampo[dot]nurmentaus[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Electria Factory is located in Myyrmäki Campus

Electria Factory is located on the Metropolia Myyrmäki campus at Leiritie 1, 01600 Vantaa.

For parking and other campus services, you can find more information on the Myyrmäki campus website.