Information Technology, Bachelor's Degree, on-line studies

Basic Information

Degree title
Bachelor of Engineering
Duration / Date(s)
4 years
240 ects credits
Price / Tuition fee
Free of charge: Applicants from EU/EEA, Annual tuition fee: 10 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants

How studies are implemented?

You can start your studies right after you have been accepted into Information Technology degree programme. You will study free, online studies offered by Metropolia. Studies allows you to study at your own pace, whilst working.

How ever, there might be some contact studies offered in the evenings at Karamalmi campus. It may also be possible to take daytime courses, if there are free study places. We expect you have own laptop. You will be linked to working-life throughout your studies via industry-related courses, like

  • Innovation Project (10 credits)
  • Compulsory language courses (5+5 credits, 10 credits altogether)
  • Work placement (2 x 15 credits)
  • Final Year Project, Bachelor`s Thesis (15 credits)

This gives you a chance to create useful networks and plan your future career whilst studying.

Previous Studies

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) refers to the transfer of credits based on prior learning – in other words, prior studies, training, professional experience or other competence –to form a part of compulsory or optional studies being completed for a degree, study module or course.

The applicant has completed by the end of the application period at least 150 ects credits that can be credited to the degree program in question in accordance with Metropolia's curriculum (the required credits must be completed in English), and the grade point average of the studies used as a basis for student selection is at least 4.1.

Individual study plan

  • We will tailor an individual learning path based on your interests to ensure the smooth progress of your studies. Your own wishes will be taken into account when planning your studies.
  • Information Technology degree contains compulsory parts which all IT degree students must complete, like language studies, Mathematics, Physics and Bachelor`s Thesis.
  • The content of your individual study path is decided by head of the ICT department, Janne Salonen.

Individual study plan takes place when right to study has started and Metropolia Student and Admission services has added student into Metropolia OMA system.

After that, Information Technology coordinator will contact to you by email and instruct you with following instructions

  • How to activate Metropolia account
  • When and how your individual study plan will be made
  • Link to study guide

Study certificate

  • Metropolia Student and Admission Services are responsible for study-related documents (study certificates).
  • If you need a study certificate, please contact to: studentservices [at] or visit any Metropolia Student and Admission service offices