How to Apply for
Exchange Studies

Step 1: Check the partner agreement

Only students from partner institutions can apply as an exchange student to Metropolia. Check if your institution has a mobility agreement with Metropolia in your field of study: Partner institutions. If your institution does not have a mobility agreement with Metropolia, you can apply to Open Studies (as a non-exchange/non-graduate student) or to the Metropolia Summer Schools. If you are interested in completing a full degree at Metropolia, see How to Apply.

Step 2: Check available study options in your field of study

In order to successfully complete studies at Metropolia, level B2 in English on the CEFR scale is highly recommended for all applicants. This evaluation is based on self-assessment; language certificates are not required.

See Studies for exchange students to see study options in each field of study.

Step 3: Ask your home institution to nominate you

Your home institution needs to nominate you for student exchange at Metropolia before the application period ends. 

Step 4: Fill in the electronic application

Application periods for incoming exchange students:

  • Applications for the Autumn Semester and Full Academic Year: 15 March - 1 May
  • Applications for the Spring Semester: 15 September - 1 November

(NB Music students! Check applications periods & instructions at: Students applying for the field of culture and creative Industries - Degree Programme in Music)

Fill in the electronic application form in the Mobility-Online system. The application process includes several steps: the online application form is just the first step. The link will be active during the application periods:

Required documents for the application:

  1. Official Transcript of Records in English signed by a representative of your home institution (your study transcript)
  2. Learning Agreement signed by a representative of your home institution (your preliminary study plan for your exchange period). Note! Metropolia will evaluate and sign only one Learning Agreement prior to arrival in Finland (the Learning Agreement submitted as part of the application).

    • Erasmus students: Use the English version of your home institution's Learning Agreement form. See the instructions for filling in the contact information and responsible person below from the study field specific information (5). If no information on the responsible person is available, please leave it blank.
    • Other incoming exchange students (e.g. students from institutions located outside Europe, FIRST, Nordplus): Use this Learning Agreement
    • See the available courses

  3. Photo (500x500 pixels)
  4. Motivation letter included in the application form (max. 1,000 characters incl. spaces)
  5. Check also the study field specific information below: 

Students applying for the field of business

Selecting your degree programme in the online application:

  • Exchange student, please select > Incoming Student Exchange in Business, 0410
  • Double degree student, please select > European Business Administration - tuition in English, 0410

Learning Agreement:

  • Erasmus students must use the English version of their home institution's Erasmus Learning Agreement form.
  • Bilateral and other incoming exchange students use the Learning Agreement available on the Metropolia website.
  • Please be aware that Metropolia will evaluate and sign only one Learning Agreement prior to arrival in Finland (the Learning Agreement submitted as part of the application). Due to the large volume of exchange students, no new forms or edits in the Learning Agreement can be processed and signed before arrival.
  • Please use this contact information in your Erasmus Learning Agreement:

Institutional information:

  • Institution name: Metropolia UAS
  • Field of study: Business
  • Erasmus code: SF HELSINK41
  • Department: International Business
  • Address: Leiritie 1, 01600 Vantaa, Finland
  • Country code: Finland, FI
  • Contact person name: Terhi Topi, international coordinator
  • Contact person e-mail:
  • Contact person telephone:+358-40 652 76614

Responsible person at the receiving institution for exchange students:

Responsible person at the receiving institution for double degree students:

Students applying for the field of culture and creative industries

Degree programmes in Conservation, Cultural Management, Design, Fashion and Clothing, Film and Television, Live Performance Technology and Media:

CV: All students must upload a CV in the same step with the Transcript of Records in Mobility-Online.

Portfolio: If you are applying to the following degree programmes, please upload or send a link to your portfolio (kaisa.meghjee(at)

  • Design (Textile Design, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design)
  • Fashion and Clothing
  • Media (3D Visualisation and Animation, Digital Media, Graphic Design)
  • Film & Television, International semester in Film & Television Production: a hyperlink for 1-3 fiction or documentary short films.

Degree programme in Music

All applying Music students must apply first through EASY: online application system EASY

Required application documents to be uploaded to EASY:

  • Transcript of Records in English (study transcript)
  • Learning Agreement / study plan
  • CV
  • Demo /audition material (max. 3 pieces of music played by the student; various styles, various instrumental expression)

Application periods:

  • Autumn semester, Full academic year, Spring semester: 1 February - 1 April
  • Spring semester: 1 September - 1 October 

Decisions will be sent to the students in April / October.  All accepted students must fill the Metropolia common online form (Mobility Online) before the deadline 1 May / 1 November in order to get official acceptance letter and housing & arrival information. Instructions will be sent to the accepted students by e-mail.

Further questions: kaisa.meghjee(at)

Students applying for the field of health care and social services

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Depending on the clinical placement there may be some special requirements regarding vaccinations and infectious diseases. Please see more detailed information here.
  • Students of Oral Hygiene: proof of Hepatitis B immunisation

Students applying for project studies in the field of technology

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Proposed project topic

Students interested in doing a project in the field of Technology during the student exchange period should indicate this clearly in the motivation letter. Please note that students are advised to primarily choose courses from the field of technology degree programmes or international semesters where tuition is organised in English. Project opportunities are available only in a few programmes.

Step 5: Apply for housing

The application periods for exchange student housing at HOAS are:

  • 1 April - 5 May for students applying for the autumn semester/full academic year
  • 1 October - 5 November for students applying for the spring semester.

NB! Submit your application as early as possible during the HOAS application period. The available rooms are offered in the order the applications are submitted. Due to the limited number of furnished exchange student rooms, please note that applying by the deadline does not guarantee housing at HOAS. See more information on housing.

Step 6: Confirm if you accept the offered place

Applications are reviewed after the application period ends. Please note that acceptance is certain only after you receive an acceptance letter from Metropolia. Within a month after the application period has ended you will receive information on whether you have been accepted as an exchange student or not. Accepted students will receive an acceptance letter and information package by email and. After receiving the acceptance letter you must confirm in Mobility-Online if you accept the offered place or not.

Step 7: Plan your arrival

All exchange students are expected to arrive before the orientation days (see Academic Calendar). 

Questions? Explore carefully the Metropolia website and contact the international coordinator of your field of study, if needed.