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Below you will find instructions on how to complete the online application process for student exchange period at Metropolia step-by-step.

Please complete all parts of the application by the deadline! In order to make the student selections on time we need all applicants’ data to be stored in the system before the end of the application period. Not all attachments need to be uploaded during one login, but please reserve enough time for applying and complete all required parts of the application during April/October.

Online Application Process Step by Step


The application process for student exchange period at Metropolia starts on the Metropolia webpage.

Click on the link to the online application form - the link will be visible for the duration of the application period.

Please fill in all parts of the online application form in detail. Additional information is available by clicking on the question mark next to the field.

General tips:

  • You have 2h time to complete the application form.
  • Please note that your data is not saved before you have sent the form.
  • You will not be able to edit your application after it has been sent, so please take time to prepare e.g. the motivation letter in advance.
  • When you choose something from the drop down menus, the page will reload itself. Don’t be alarmed by this. Click anywhere outside the menu after the reload in order to avoid selecting a wrong answer by scrolling while the page reloads.
  • If you have forgotten to fill in any of the compulsory parts, the system will remind you of them one by one.
  • There is no need to send a paper copy of the application form.

After saving your information on the online application form, you will receive an automatic e-mail message that includes a link to the registration page. To continue the application process, please proceed to step 2.


After saving your information on the online application form, you will receive an automatic e-mail message that includes a link to the registration page. To continue the application process, click on the link and register a username to the electronic online application system Mobility-online.

By creating a username you will be able to log in to the Mobility-Online system, and follow a to-do-list through the entire exchange application process. After being selected for an exchange you can also manage the uploaded documents and give feedback about your experiences in Metropolia through this one system.

1. Click on the link at the bottom of the e-mail

  • The email is sent from the address no-reply[@] and the title is “Continuing the application process for student exchange”. In case you do not receive the e-mail message concerning registration, please check your spam filter.
  • E-mail to anni.latva-pukkila [at], in case you still cannot find the confirmation e-mail. Please do not send another application to the system, it will not send you a second link to the registration page.

2. Start registering to Mobility-online by filling in your birthday

3. Create a user name and password in order to log in to the system

  • The password requirements: at least 6 digits, at least one number, at least one upper case letter (+ no special characters allowed)
  • Please choose a password you can remember, since you will need it later, and also save the e-mail with the link to the system.

4. Continue to the next part of the application process

  • Click on the button “Login to Mobility-Online” or log in via the link that was sent to your e-mail address after a successful registration.


This is your front page view in the Mobility-online system after logging in. The application workflow lists all the steps you need to complete during your exchange period, the first six points on the list already before the application deadline. As the application process advances, links will appear on the right-hand side of the workflow.

Please click on the link “Complete application part 2”, and save your home address to the system.

  • On the following page the text fields with blue frames are required.
  • Type in an address which you want Metropolia to use for posting material regarding your exchange. Please add a date when you think you would be moving out of this flat and are not able to receive any more mail in this address.


Transcript of Records is an official list of all the courses you have completed during your studies before the student exchange. In most of the European higher educational institutions the transcript lists your courses in ECTS credits.

Please make sure your Transcript of Records is written in English and officially signed/stamped by your home institution, scan it, and upload it to the Mobility-online system in the corresponding step as a PDF file. Please check that the quality of the scan is high enough and the text is clearly readable.

Please note that additional attachments are required from those students who are applying for

  • Health care and social sciences
  • Field of culture
  • Project studies in the field of technology

The details on the requirements are available on Courses for Exchange Students page.

If you are requested to provide additional attachments to your application, please save them as Word or PDF files, and upload them also to this step "Transcript of Records (in English) + additional attachments, if necessary” of the Mobility-online system.

After creating the first upload (1. Transcript of Records) you can add a second document (2. additional attachment) by clicking on the same step link again on the workflow. Click on the ‘Create new record’ icon (white sheet of paper) on the top left corner of the next page. Then select the right attachment, and click 'Create'.


Finally, please prepare the Learning Agreement, which is a list of the courses you plan to take during your exchange in Metropolia. You will receive the form from your home institution if you are an Erasmus student, and you can use the Metropolia form if you are applying through one of our bilateral agreements (available on How to Apply for Exchange Studies page).

You can prepare this document when you have read through the detailed information on the chosen degree programme or study module, or received a preliminary course list from Metropolia.

Ask your home institution to approve your Learning Agreement and sign it (you can ask your International coordinator who should sign it) before you upload the scanned PDF version of the document to the correspondent step in the Mobility-online system. Please make sure the quality of the scan is high enough and the text is clearly readable.

Please note though that you might have to modify the Learning Agreement for a variety of reasons after arriving to Metropolia UAS, e.g. in cases of timetable clashes and unsuitability of chosen courses (in level or content). Changes to the Learning Agreement can then be made.


In case you have trouble with the Mobility-online system, please check this user guide for help and if you can’t find an answer here, please send e-mail to our contact person at the international office at anni.latva-pukkila [at] Please note that the international office cannot address any possible problems that might occur with the system during evenings, weekends and national holidays.

During the month of May/November we will inform all applicants of the results. When you receive the acceptance information, please log in to the Mobility-online system again to confirm that you accept the offered exchange place in Metropolia.