Theatre and Performance Technology, continuing education

Graduates of Theatre and Performance Technology receive the title of Bachelor of Culture and Arts. The training consists of 180/240 ECTS credits.

The teaching mainly takes place in Hämeentie 161, 00560 Helsinki, but also elsewhere in the capital region.


In the continuing education line of the Performing Arts degree programme, what the students already know is combined with new learning, and students will also learn more about their personal style of learning.

Bachelors of Culture and Arts in Theatre and Performance Technology will have a wide scope of expertise in performance technology, being well aware of traditional performance technology and able of quickly learning new technologies and therefore meeting the challenges of new forms of performance. Graduates will also be familiar with work safety issues, be creative and innovative and have good leadership skills.

Structure and implementation of studies

Theatre and Performance Technology studies offer high technical expertise in light, stage and audio-visual technology. The main focus is on lighting and stage technology, AV technology and stage mechanics systems, technical applications, safety issues, knowledge of various performance structures, theatre knowledge, ability to work in a range of artistic work groups, and supervisor skills. Bachelors of Culture and Arts work in close cooperation with lighting and sound designers, set designers and directors.

As a multidisciplinary operating environment, Metropolia offers students an all-round and fitting domain in which to practice their skills. Practical training is carried out in cooperation with professional theatres and other performing groups.

Theatre and Performance Technology graduates work in a variety of professional performance activities: theatre and opera houses, theatre groups, cultural establishments and community centres, in concert and festival organisations, international productions and design houses and sales organisations.

The training is carried out in the classroom, as distance learning and guided project work. Word experience and any previous expertise in the field will be an asset in continuing education studies, and the purpose is complement what the student already knows.

Lines of study

  • Stage technology
  • Sound technology
  • Lighting technology

After the common professional studies, students focus on stage, sound or lighting technology and deepen their understanding in the chosen field. These studies consist of projects that are carried out in field work and labour market projects and as advanced workshops.

Stage technology

The students focus on the operation of various stage technologies in both traditional and other types of theatres, and also learn about safety issues and how stage technology can be used to support other stage operations such as set design, directing and acting.

Sound technology

The student will learn widely about sound technology used in theatres and other places of performance, taking into consideration both traditional technology and modern applications, and come up with creative solutions depending on the restrictions set by each space and performance.

Lighting technology

The student will not only learn about the challenges of various spaces and the use of different types of lighting systems and modern applications, such as projections, but acquire the facts and skills required to create technical lighting solutions in theatres and other places of performance.

Contact information

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