An applicant may appeal against an eligibility or admission decision in case he/she can satisfactorily prove that the decision has not been made according the admission criteria. The request for rectification concerning recognition of studies must be made within 14 days of receiving the notification of the decision. 

Applicants should note the following:

  • favorable decision is possible only if all the eligibility/admission requirements are fulfilled
  • decision can be changed only in case it has not been made according to the admission criteria
  • it is not possible to change the admission criteria on the basis of an appeal
  • it is not possible to supplement the application afterwards (late documents will not be considered)
  • possible delays in getting the required certificates in time or delays in postal delivery do not take away applicant's responsibility of delivering all the required certificates by the deadline
  • incapability to attend in the entrance examination, health reasons, difficult life situation, misunderstanding etc. will not affect the decision

Before starting the appeal process the applicant should contact the Admission Services for more detailed information on the grounds of the decision: tel. +358 9 7424 5100 or e-mail admissions(at) If the applicant after contacting the Admission Services still thinks that the decision has not been made according to the admission criteria, he/she may make an appeal against the decision as described in the appeal instructions.

The appeal must be well-grounded and it should contain accurate information on where Metropolia has not followed the admission criteria.