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Health Business Management, Master's Program

Degree: Master of Social Services and/or Health Care
Extent: 90 ECTS
Study places: 30

Next application period:
16 March - 6 April 2016

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Business managerial competences will be required in health care organizations nationally and internationally in the future. Ageing of population in many societies will challenge health care systems and processes to produce health care services in more efficient ways. Health business is a major global business opportunity driving future growth and national prosperity.

Master Programme in Health Business Management is customized for both social and health care professionals as well as for engineering professionals who want to expand their expertise through improved management skills in this very key sector.

The emphasize of the programme is in customer and in service business orientation and it has a multidisciplinary approach into business management. The programme provides a wide perspective to service business, competencies for team and project leadership and advancement in management skills. All studies are linked to health care organizations.

Students will gain a deep understanding of best practices for the health business concerning:

  • strategic planning
  • project management
  • people leadership
  • customer relationship management
  • business modeling
  • business processes.

As a fundamental part of the program, each student plans and implements a thesis development project in a real life business context, typically as an assignment from his or her own employer organization.

Master students of Health Business Management study on a part-time basis. Students achieve their degree in 1,5-2,5 years.

Master's Degree in Health Business Management qualifies for team and project leadership in health care services business and advancement towards management positions in private or public sector.

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